NARS Flamenco and Fire Down Below

I recently came across two lipsticks that really tickled my curiosity while actually searching for something completely different. It happens. Rather often. At least to me it does. It might seem like I've joined the lipstick craze should I be judging from my latest posts, but I couldn't pass up on these gorgeous red lipsticks from NARS. Despite the fact that I own eyeshadow duos, blushes and bronzers by NARS, I've never owned a lipstick or a gloss until just recently. I've also looked into their Lip Lacquers, but more about those later.

NARS Flamenco and Fire Down BelowJoyous Red · Fire Down Below · Flamenco · Jungle Red

I don't know why I'm currently obsessing with red lipsticks, or.. I do know, I think red lips are immensely sexy on a brunette and I'm a brunette, so.. hey! I found my perfect red to be M·A·C Viva Glam I last September, but seeing that it's one of their matte lipsticks it feels dry and horrible on my lips. So much I almost dread putting it on, and that's bad. I must admit I've been a little intimidated by red lipsticks until I recently realized that I was constantly choosing blue-toned reds, a tone that doesn't suit me at all since my skin tone is warm (golden undertone). It's such a pity. I'm always drawn towards blue-toned reds, but I really don't wanna walk around looking like a.. "lady of the night", if you catch my drift.

NARS Flamenco
NARS Flamenco Sheer LipstickSheer finish. This texture is described as "long lasting color pigments have been suspended in this translucent formula to provide a sheer, natural tint", which is the main reason why I decided on this particular lipstick. The color is described as a sheer candy red apple. I adore this color, and it has been rated 4.6 our of 5 on MakeupAlley.

NARS Fire Down Below
NARS Fire Down Below Semi-Matte LipstickSemi-Matte finish. This texture is described as "a highly pigmented matte, non-drying formula that provides a long-wearing, full-bodied, velvety finish". The color is described as a pure blood red with no blue or orange, something which instantly made me want it. It has also been rated 4.6 out of 5 on MakeupAlley.

Unfortunately it's not a secret that NARS is one of the more expensive brands out there, not counting Chanel, YSL, Dior and so on since I have zero to none experience with these brands, so these lipsticks might be a bit on the expensive side for some. Funny thing is.. most reviews I've read point out that the high price lowers the total score a bit. I honestly thought of these lipsticks as expensive, until I actually looked at the price tag. I mean, a NARS lipstick cost 129,- NOK should one convert the price from US Dollars to Norwegian Kroner. Seriously? I paid 125,- NOK for each of the IsaDora lipsticks I bought a while back, and as I said then.. IsaDora is supposed to be a low-end brand. I rest my case.

So to sum it all up, these lipsticks cost $24 a piece, or about 129,- NOK, from NARS - and £17.50, or about 151,- NOK, from HQhair where I ordered mine. Please note that I also took advantage of a 20% discount coupon code, so I actually ended up paying 121,- NOK per lipstick. A bargain, if you ask me, and I'm very happy with my purchase!

Swatches from NARS Cosmetics // Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11

Posted by Shamini on August 18, 2011 – 12:00 PM

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  1. You’re right NARS is not expensive, not for us actually. The reason why people say it’s expensive is because it’s 24 USD.. 24 USD is quite a bit of money if you compare it to MAC lipsticks that are 14.50 USD. Hence, the “expensive” tag.

    A regular MAC lipstick here is about 165 NOK I think, so your NARS is actually cheaper. Gotta love HQHair for having free international shipping now. I could get used to that Smile

    • People who think $24 is a lot for a lipstick, should come here and browse our shops for a few minutes. I think it’s insane that NARS is in fact cheaper than M·A·C.. and IsaDora cost almost the same as NARS! And I completely agree about HQHair, they are nice. Smile

      • I agree that Nars is not THAT expensive. It’s actually cheaper per oz, compared to most brands. And the quality is there, always.

        Love Nars, love the creative and beautiful promo pics, love the products names <3 (in fact, i have bought a couple Nars products based solely on the name and i'm not even ashamed lol).

    • I still think $24 is a lot for a lipstick (not just NARS), because for $6 more you can get a Burberry Lipstick which is a whole different level.

      We are very, very lucky, that our NOK has a lot of value, outside of Norway. People who think $24 for a lipstick is a lot are people who do not earn in NOK. They earn in $ which has smaller value, less buying power. For example, $24 in the US will buy you a meal for two people. In Norway, it is 1 person’s meal…a non gourmet meal. Think of it in 10x..would you pay 240 NOK for a lipstick? Vs. 140 NOK for a lipstick? (NARS vs. MAC)

      Just because we earn in a different currency does not mean that we should discount other people’s perception of what is cheap or expensive. We should be more sensitive towards it. Ultimately, people can only buy what they can afford.

      • I both agree, and disagree.

        Surely the economy is different around the world, it’ll always be like that. As we discussed on Twitter a while back the prices are adjusted to taxes and salaries in each country – fair enough. I’m not necessarily talking about the economy, I’m talking about the mentality of certain people. People complain no matter what. Yes, people can only buy what they can afford, but sometimes what you can afford is a matter of personal opinion, not national economy.

        If I didn’t think that brands like Chanel, Dior, Burberry were too expensive, although I can afford them if I choose to, I surely wouldn’t mind paying 240 NOK for a lipstick. In my opinion it’s not worth it, partly because I wouldn’t spend that much on a product like a lipstick (which expires), and partly because I don’t use lipstick all that much.

        I’m certainly not trying to discount anyone’s perception of cheap versus expensive, I’m just saying that some people have different opinions on what they choose to spend their money on. I can afford a pair of Levi’s jeans, but I refuse to dish out the money needed for a pair – it’s too expensive.

        Buying power is not only the relation between what you earn and what you can spend, it’s also a matter of what a certain amount of money can buy, it’s a matter of the money’s value. And the personal value of a 240 NOK lipstick (or any other item) varies from person to person.

      • Hahahhaha you think $24 is a meal for 2 in the US? Love the empathy but that is only a meal for 2 at McDonalds. Whe people compare the price to MAC, remember that for us in the US MAC is not expensive – $15 USD which is about the cost of a pizza. Remember that most of the world (US and elsewhere) cannot afford “high end” makeup at all.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment!! Smile yes, the piercer’s instructions were to use sea salt soaks and it has healed so great! I love red lipsticks! I think they look sexy on everyone Smile it’s hard for me to wear them often though, just because of my pale skin and blonde hair. I have yet to own a NARS product, but i really need to try something. The only thing holding me back from them is the priceThinking I mean, it’s not THAT bad, but i just worry I will not like it or something lol, I always have buyers remorse after spending money hahaha.

    • You’re very welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Smile I’m glad to hear your piercing is doing good, I’m very pleased with mine – no problems at all, and I used salt water through the whole healing process. My helix took about a full year to heal.

      I love red lips too, but I’m lacking the confidence to wear one myself. I keep buying red lipsticks to find the perfect one, so I’m hoping I’ll work up the courage to actually wear them outside the apartment as well. Wink I will try to do a review of them later on, but I cannot promise anything.

  3. Jättehärliga läppstift Smile
    Jag älskar röda läppstift, har en massa röda läppstift i olika nyanser.. älskar riktigt djupt röda nyanser som går mot det lila/svarta hållet Smile
    Jag är säker på att dessa läppstift ser perfekta ut på dig Smile

    • Jeg er helt enig med deg, men jeg er ikke tøff nok til å bruke de virkelig mørke, mer “vampy” tonene. Kan du dele litt av motet ditt med meg? Grin Tusen takk for kompliment, kjære Anna! *klem*

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