Paris Haul #1: Nail Polish

I guess it's time to share my enormous humble *cough* Paris makeup haul with you guys. I've been dying to show you everything I picked up ever since we returned home, but I have to say that taking photos, editing and composing such a post is quite time consuming. A huge thanks to Øyvind for acting as my personal photographer, and for bearing with me and my mighty annoying perfectionism. Sorry for the delay, but now I'm back on track.

Since I'm very aware of having readers who couldn't care less about makeup and shopping, those of you who are interested will have to click "continue reading" for the juicy details, including pictures. I have decided to break it all down into smaller posts, so stay tuned for more. Grin


Dior VernisTop Coat · Rock Coat · 401 St. Tropez · 704 Nirvana · 545 Orange Psychédélique · 638 Aloha

First out are my six Dior Vernis nail polishes. The first one of these beauties to become mine was the Rock Coat, as I figured it would be nice to have the possibility to smoke out any nail color whenever I'm in the mood for a little change. I didn't pay much attention to the remaining colors in this display, but I later ended up buying the smoky teal called "Nirvana" as well. While paying for it I noticed the bright nails of the sales lady, and she told me it was "St. Tropez" she was wearing. "St. Tropez" is a limited edition color, made especially for the opening of their new pop-up boutique in Saint Tropez in June 2011. Back in the hotel I could have kicked myself for the lack of interest in the beautiful vibrant turquoise blue, so I went back with zero hope of finding it (limited and all that jazz).. and I scooored! And with it a bottle of "Orange Psychédélique", which looks a lot more coral than orange to me. Gorgeous colors, don't you think?

Before we left home I had my heart set on the two new, or apparently not-so-new, summer nail polish duos called Electric Tropics, but no one seemed to have them in stock. One sales lady even told me that it had been sold out all over France for the last month or so! Well, sold out or not sold out, when I stopped by the Dior counter in the ginormous Sephora on Champs-Elysées I decided give it a shot and ask for it - and what do you know, I was handed the set called "Aloha". Sold out, schmold out. Ask, and you shall have! Unfortunately I was unable to obtain its sister "Paradise" at the time.

MavalaSouth Beach Pink · Vegas Pink · La Paz · Party Time · New Dehli · Mexico

MavalaLamé Gold · Marron Glacé · Mauve Cenrdé · Lagoon · Paradise Blue · Smoky Blue · Black Oyster

Now, Mavala is an unknown brand to me. I found them in an aisle at MonoPrix, so clearly it's a pretty cheap drugstore brand. I really liked the wide selection of colors, and found it somewhat challenging to select only a few of them. These are pretty small with their 5 ml a bottle, which apparently is enough for about ten manicures, so I picked out 13 colors. If I manage to muster up the patience required for such a task I'll swatch them on a nail wheel and share them later on. Please don't hold your breath while waiting.

Chanel VernisPeridot · Pêche Nacrée

In addition to the Dior Vernis and the Mavala I've already shown you above, I also bought one Sephora Collection Nail Lacquer in L49 "Deep in Her Eyes" (shimmering blue violet), which I unfortunately forgot to include in any of my photos, a Chanel Vernis in "Pêche Nacrée" from the duty-free store on-board the boat, and a Chanel Vernis in "Peridot" from eBay.

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '11

Paris Haul 2011

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Posted by Shamini on August 6, 2011 – 12:00 PM

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  1. Dude/lady, nice haul! Grin so many gorgeous colours, you did a great job picking them all out Smile I’ve never seen Mavala at home, but I do know Purity seems fond of them Smile

    • Why, thank you my sweet! I feel a little bad about hauling so many nail polishes, since I rarely find the patience to actually polish my nails, but I was mesmerized by all the colors.. Also, it’s a great excuse to start wearing some of them! Wink I haven’t seen Mavala before either, but Neglelakkmani said they were nice, so I picked up a few extra before I left. Wink

  2. Very very nice! Grin
    I guess I have to try and find St. Tropez on eBay, that is such a cool one!

  3. Wow.. du har verkligen hittat underbara nyanser Smile Mavala är ett av mina favorit märken då det kommer till nagel lack Smile
    Du måste visa bilder på dessa sedan då du har dem på naglarna Smile

    • Tusen takk, Anna! Jeg har hverken sett eller hørt om Mavala før, så jeg plukket dem egentlig bare med meg fordi jeg likte fargene. Blir veldig fornøyd når folk sier at de liker dette merket! Smile *klem*

  4. Gleder meg til sminke sminke postene jeg! Er liksom ikke så gira på neglelakk om dagen, men flotte farger sammen fordet!

  5. Wow, I am so envious of your Mavala haul! So colourful – you have good taste.

    I keep meaning to seek out that brand here but I don’t know where they sell it. I have their nail strengtheners though. Those are good – so far! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed your holiday.

    • Many thanks, Lena! I love colors, and wish I would do something with colors for a living. I haven’t seen the brand here, or even heard of it before, but it seems like several people I know really like Mavala? I’ll be back with a review or something once I’ve tried out a few of them.

  6. Fine fine farger!
    Aloha ser kjempefin ut, vakkert til sommerbrun hud.

    • “Aloha” er en sånn en som jeg bare kan bli sittende og se på. Angivelig er flasken i farget glass for å beskytte lakken? Jeg er fortsatt litt lei meg for at jeg ikke fikk klørne i “Paradise” sånn at den kunne vært med på bildet, men den kommer snart i posten. Elsker sterke farger!

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