Shopping with Amira!

On Friday I finally got to meet my darling friend Amira for the very first time, and it was so nice finally seeing her! We've been chatting online for several years, but never had the chance to meet until now. We met outside Jardin du Luxembourg, and sat down on a bench in the park just talking until she had to catch her bus home. It's hard to explain, but it's so awesome when you meet someone in real life, who you've only known online, and you just click. I'm so lucky to have friends like her in my life.. just as I have Pinchy, Fieran and Ingrid, who always manage to magically brighten my days.

We decided to meet up again on Saturday to go shopping. Poor Øyvind, leaving with two makeup and shopping crazy girls, but at least he was able to bring his iPad to avoid death by boredom, or even makeup overkill. I have to say that I'm amazed by the bus system here in Paris, it's so easily accessible! We just have to point at my wheelchair and the driver stops, ejects the ramp, and I'm all set. Since we all needed some food we decided to start off at KFC, which I've never been to. Yes, I am a fast-food lover, so naturally it had to be checked out like everything else! It was crowded by doves, making my heart ache for them with all their injuries (some lacked feathers, others lacked claws and feet), but we managed to have a nice meal without any dove-crashing-into-any-heads-incidents while sitting there.

After having eaten a little we decided to venture on, and stopped by the huge Apple Store on Opéra because of it's nice architecture. I wanted to take a look at their accessories, and I ended up buying a Griffin A-Frame Stand for my iPad - I did tell you that I bought an iPad, no? Anyway. I'm loving the stand, it's the perfect height and everything. Makes nerding so much more convenient. We then moved on to the enormous department store called Galeries Lafayette, heaven for a shopping geek like myself! OK, so I was a bit overwhelmed when we entered, there was people everywhere not really minding me, but I still managed to navigate in between everyone (without injuring any toes). And the ceiling? So incredible! I'll go back and take some pictures during the week, I promise. Inside I found a gorgeous bright coral pashmina I had to get, now regretting that I didn't get one in another color as well, before hitting all the makeup counters. Honestly I can't really remember what we saw when, but the first counter we stopped at was M·A·C. Of course. Amira wanted to take a closer look at the new mineralize eye shadows from Semi-Precious, and I wanted the 234 brush which I didn't find at the local M·A·C. I scored! I don't remember if I said so already, but in addition to the two MES I got on the first day here I also got two more: "Dark Indulgence" and "Blue Sheen". They all look so gorgeous in the pan, and applied wet they are indeed to die for. I also purchased a bottle of Dior Rock Coat, a top coat meant to "smoke up" any regular nail polish. Quite cool actually! I might get a few other Dior nail polishes, we'll see what happens. There's a color called Nirvana, which keeps calling my name.

After a quick break at a Starbucks - I cannot understand why we don't have Starbucks back home, their Frappuccino® Chocolate Chip or even Java Chip is the most amazing beverage on Earth - the next stop on our plan was the other ginormous department store called Printemps. Another heaven! I immediately saw the Giorgio Armani counter, and wanted to take a look at their Eyes to Kill eye shadows. My God. It's something in-between a cream and a powder, without actually being a cream. So smooth, so nice, and the "02 Lust Red" is such an amazing color! I kinda wish I could get more, but with their steep price I refuse to dish out for more than maybe two. I'm lemming "04 Pulp Fiction" as well, but I'm leaning towards skipping it.

After seeing these amazing department stores it was time to head back to the hotel, and in the meantime it had started to rain. Like a lot. Like seriously. Stupid as I am I was wearing a white shirt, white linen pants and a white and silver scarf, so when we arrived back at "our" bus stop and had to walk to the hotel - without an umbrella - I suddenly realized that my clothes had indeed gone see-thru. I was soaking wet from head to toe! Oh well. Just a little everyday action there, I guess? Anyway, I had such an amazing day with Amira that no rain could ruin the day for me.

Interested in knowing what I've shopped so far?
Feel free to "continue reading".

  • Dior Miss Dior Cherie EdP
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in "Rebelle"
  • M·A·C MES in "Smoked Ruby
  • M·A·C MES in "Golden Gaze"
  • M·A·C 235 Brush
  • M·A·C Fix+ Sized to Go
  • M·A·C 128 Brush
  • Apple iPad (black, 32GB, wifi) (magically turned into a b-day present from Øyvind)
  • iPad Smart Cover
  • Griffin A-Frame Stand for iPad
  • M·A·C MES in "Dark Indulgence"
  • M·A·C MES in "Blue Sheen"
  • M·A·C Mineralize Charged Water
  • Pashmina
  • M·A·C 234 Brush
  • Dior Rock Coat
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in "02 Lust Red"

Posted by Shamini on July 18, 2011 – 10:30 AM

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  1. Åå, så mye fint du har kjøpt deg Smile Håper du koser deg ihjel!

    • Jeg storkoser meg, og har overhodet ikke lyst til å dra hjem om en uke. Jeg savner hundene noe helt voldsomt, men bortsett fra dem hadde jeg gjerne bare blitt værende her. Smile Når det gjelder shopping har jeg igrunn overraska meg selv veldig ved å ikke gå helt fra konseptene i ymse sminkebutikker. Jeg er rolig, reflektert og fornuftig! Wink

  2. Yum, fast food Razz I like it too, lol! I didn’t know there weren’t any Starbucks in Norway?

    • Fast-food is gooood. Wink I heard Starbucks are opening up branches at airports now (before Ingrid mentioned it), but I wish they would expand into the bigger cities as well. Sure it’s hyped, but I actually like their beverages.

  3. Apparently, Starbucks is coming to Gardermoen? But yes, strange.. Høres ut som du koser deg hvertfall! Jeg bare pakker og flytter, kos neste uke da, Cali is calling on meSmile

    • I’m never at Gardermoen, and I need Starbucks! Jeg har det superbra, og nyter hver eneste dag (selv om formen tidvis er litt opp og ned) vi har her. Heldiggris! Kos deg masse, og gi nå endelig lyd fra deg mens du er i California da. Smile

      Kjøpte forøvrig Estee Lauder Island Oasis idag, og da tenkte jeg på deg! Wink

  4. Starbucks is nice..but after living in cold Norway for so long, I’ve lost my taste for cold drinks. Not sure how that happened Smile I’m a big fan of their lattes and their pastries..they have this lemon slice cake in Germany and UK (not sure about US) and it’s delicious. I used to work at Starbucks years ago, when I was a student.

    I wore Smoked Ruby yesterday with a chocolate brown in my crease and I loved it. It’s a very polished look. Of course I wore it with my favourite eyeliner, Buried Treasure, which by the way looks smaller than an IkEA pencil now Smile I swatched Golden Gaze and found it a bit yellow for me, so I bought the Feeling Flush blush instead…which I’m wearing today. The texture is kind of nice.

    • Hehe, I don’t find that very strange at all. It’s too damn cold most of the time to enjoy any cold drinks.. I love ther hot beverages too, although I’m not that fond of milk (too much in a latte). After getting the Nespresso at home, which I think makes better coffee than most of our cafées, I’ve started thinking that going out for coffee is a waste of money. Working at Starbucks? I’d so love that!

      Your Smoked Ruby look sounds gorgeous! Can’t wait to try it out myself. I haven’t looked at anything other than the blackened based e/s, mostly because of the reviews. I even made Amira buy two of them.. We swatched them both dry and wet, and my.. incredible! You like the blush?

  5. Oooh, ordene Bright Coral Pashmina sendte meg rett i drømmeland Smile. Kan det bli bedre? Bilde, bilde!

  6. Wow, du har fått opplevd mye=D Fått møtt venner, opplevd byen, og ikke minst shoppet=D

    • Opplever ting hver eneste dag, og blir bare mer og mer forelsket i byen. Har mye mer på lista over alt jeg vil se og oppleve her, men man rekker liksom ikke over alt. Gleder meg allerede til vi skal hit neste gang, og vi har fortsatt noen dager igjen før vi setter kursen hjemover igjen. Shoppingen har ikke tatt like mye av denne gangen, men det er morsomt å rusle rundt i butikker og pelle på ting før man kjøper det, i motsetning til å handle online som jeg pleier. Jeg tror faktisk jeg kommer hjem med penger på konto! Grin

  7. Working at Starbucks was quite fun actually, lots of handsome guys walking in to get coffee.. Err, I mean it was good to be in the service industry *Cough* Smile

    You know, that’s exactly the reason why Simon and I don’t have a Nespresso – because we know we won’t be able to justify drinking coffee outside. It is a waste of money to drink coffee outside if you have equipment to make better coffee inside Smile I love walking down the street with a cup of coffee in my hand.. i’ts like so close to the person I dream of being when I grow up. Hehe. I’ve also resisted drinking Nespresso so far, lets see how long I last. I have this principle “If I don’t try it, I won’t want it” that seems to work in helping me resist stuff..like the iPad..till recently.

    Yes, Feeling Flush applied with MAC 116 brush gives me a very natural flushed look. The texture is beautiful for a mineralized product. It’s quite similar to Bite of an Apple I think…but has a bit more “sheen” to it. I like the colour because it goes with my bold, dark, eyeshadow looks.

    • Didn’t you drink Nespresso at our house? What kind of hosts are we? Yeah, that’s exactly the case. I discovered that the Nespresso makes a lot better coffee than most of the places we used to go to, so I love our machine. Wouldn’t wanna be without it. You could just buy takeaway cups though, you know? Wink I love your principle though, and I was kinda living by the same one – at least on the iPad..

      Glad to hear that you like “Feeling Flush”! I don’t own many mineralized products, and I cannot seem to get the hang of using the 116 either. “Bite of an Apple” is gorgeous. Would you consider sharing a photo some time? I’d love to see. Smile

  8. Når jeg så du skrev Starbucks, tenkte jeg å spørre om du hadde smakt Java Chip. Drakk meg chubby på det i California! Drømmen <3 Skam vi ikke har Starbucks i Norge enda. Nyt ferien Wink

    • Hjertelig tusen takk! Smile Ja, jeg er helt enig. Og nå som det ryktes at de endelig kommer til Norge, skal man måtte dra til nærmeste flyplass for en kopp kaffe?

  9. Deal, will take a photo. I always plan to but never get around to it as I get busy or the makeup starts to look less fresh into the day and then a photo is the last thing on my mind. Sorry about that Frown Will try to take a photo soon Smile

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