I’ll blow you a Jelly Kiss

I'm having one of my happy periods today where I just feel happy for no particular reason at all, and nowadays I live for periods like these. I've been to the grocery store, VITA, Cubus and even had "breakfast" at Egon. Deep fried chips and onion rings with a garlic and a peanut/mango dip, a breakfast of champs. Or something. I could venture outdoors without wearing a jacket, something absolutely worth smiling about! Maybe it's because our Paris trip is approaching faster than I manage to keep track of the remaining days, or maybe it's because stepping out the apartment really does me good? Don't know. Don't care. What's important is that I'm feeling happy and content, and that I do. And having the best and most awesome friends in the world also helps a lot!

So yesterday we went to Trondheim Torg to pick up a new calendar for my planner, and I wanted to pop by VITA to look for a Jelly Kiss lipstick. When standing in the store, looking at the testers, I could not remember the name or the number of the one I wanted. Not for the life of me. So I ended up buying no. 58 "Orange Blossom" and one of their summer nail polishes in 712 "Ocean Drive", and when I arrived back home I found that the one I originally wanted was no. 57 "Coral Punch". While looking for reviews and swatches I stumbled upon no. 54 "Lilac Tulle", and just knew it had to be mine.

Today I went back to VITA, only at Solsiden, but unfortunately all they had was "Lilac Tulle" and a few other shades. I then suddenly remembered something about these being sold at both H&M and Cubus as well, so despising H&M I popped by Cubus where I found my "Coral Punch".. and three nail polishes from IsaDora's summer collection Ocean Drive: 649 "Glamour White", 683 "Dazzling Ocean" and 684 "Dazzling Aqua". I intend to be beautful for summer! I feel like I've become spoiled from all my US shopping, I actually flinched when I saw the total for one Jelly Kiss lipstick and three nail polishes. I mean, 392,- NOK or like $73 for four items? It's insane! Isn't IsaDora supposed to be a low-end brand, or at least somewhere in the middle?

54 Lilac Tulle · 57 Coral Punch · 58 Orange Blossom
649 Glamour White · 712 Ocean Drive · 683 Dazzling Ocean · 684 Dazzling Aqua

If anyone wants the Sleek MakeUP True Colours Lipstick in "Baby Doll" and/or "Barely There" (mentioned here and swatched here), please leave me a comment below. It's unused, although swatched on my arm once. Smile

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '11

Posted by Shamini on June 28, 2011 – 11:04 PM

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  1. Ive been thinking about buying Dazzling Aqua and Dazzling Ocean for quite some time now, strangely I never get around to actually buying them… Grin
    Over here IsaDora is one of the cheapest brands.. well its not as cheap as H&M makeup but its not as pricy as the high end stuff we have here in Finland.. IsaDora nail polishes cost about 8 euros (if I remember correctly)
    Anyway, lovely shades of the lipsticks and of the nail polishes Smile

    • I wasn’t planning on buying them at all, but then I came across swatches on some blog, and “Dazzling Ocean” was way too nice to pass up. Since it’s part of a summer collection I’m guessing it’s limited edition, and seeing the four polishes together instantly takes me to some warm country by the sea, with white beaches and dazzling blue water. They also remind me of NARS “Cap Ferrat” eyeshadow trio!

      I actually thought IsaDora was one of the cheaper brands here as well, but I must have been mistaken. 89,- NOK (€12 or $17) for a nail polish is a bit steep in my opinion, especially for a mere 6 ml of product! Oh well. I did buy them. Next time I’m gonna go for an O·P·I or a China Glaze instead.

      Thank you so much, sweetie! Grin

  2. Hmm, how much would postage to the UK be for Barely There? x

    (E-mail address removed by blog owner)

    • I’m not sure about the postage to the UK, but I can check it up! It might be cheaper for you to just order it directly from Sleek MakeUP since it’s a UK brand, I mean. Smile I’ll get back to you!

  3. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Sleek’s UK postage is rather cheap, even if you’re not ordering much. Thanks anyway Smile x

  4. Disse fargene er nydelige, jeg blir i skikkelig sommerhumør av å bare se på de. Grin
    Og ville bare si tusen takk for den utrolig koselige kommentaren du la igjen på bloggen min. Sånne kommentarer varmer hjertet mitt!! Smile

    • Tusen takk for koselig kommentar! Jeg er helt enig, leppestiftene måtte bare få bli med meg hjem og neglelakkene minnet meg som sagt om en hvit sandstand ved gnistrende blått hav.. Perfekte for denne årstiden!

      Det er absolutt ingenting å takke for, jeg bare sier som sant er. Wink

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