Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipsticks

Sleek MakeUP True Colour LipsticksLiqueur · Peaches & Cream · Coral Reef · Papaya Punch · Stiletto
Sleek MakeUP True Colour LipsticksBaby Doll · Barely There · Amped · Fuchsia · Mystic

So here's the pictures of the lipsticks I received in the prize from Sleek MakeUP, just like I promised yesterday. I also swatched them, click HERE to have a look. I still like these lipsticks a lot. They are very soft, very pigmented and I like most of the colors, but.. and there is a but.. the mattes are quite difficult to swatch. These are a bit harder and the swaches look kinda chalky, if you can even say that about a lipstick. I didn't think of this as an issue when I swatched them on my hand the first time around, but when swatching them on my arm they felt different. Maybe the body heat is different on the hand, and when warmed up a little they are better to work with?

Favorite colors:
• Peaches & Cream
• Coral Reef / Papaya Punch
• Fuchsia

If I've tickled your curiosity, you can order which ever shades you'd like from Sleek MakeUP. They are €7.00, or about 54,- NOK, a piece, and shipping to Norway is €9.00 which is about 70,- NOK with today's exchange rate.

Want swatches?
Click HERE.

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '11

Posted by Shamini on June 26, 2011 – 12:54 AM

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  1. Ååååh, fine! Synes spesielt at Coral Reef så knallfin ut, og virkelig somrete Smile

  2. Lucky you! These look very pretty Wink I think my favourite is Liqeur, but it’ll perform very differently on different skin and lip tones, so it’s definitely a must-try shade. Hope you’ll get lots of wear out of these, babe Smile

    • Thank you, my dear! I’m not sure that Liqueur is one of those colors I can use, I’ll have to try it so see whether or not I look dead with it on. I hope the same! I need to start using lipsticks like.. every day now. Wink

  3. Kan inte bestämma mig om jag vill ha amped, fuchsia eller mystic!

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