Prizes from Sleek MakeUP

Remember I told you about the Sleek MakeUP contest on Facebook back in the beginning of June? I started to worry since I hadn't received them yet, but today Mr. Postman left them at the post office for me! Way to make my Friday a lot better. Awesomeness! Grin

I was really anxious when I ripped it open to see which ten True Colour lipstick shades Sleek had picked out for me, but I loved the gorgeous selection of colors I received, both mattes and sheens. I already had two of them, but that's quite alright - they'll make perfect little gifts for someone who's just as fond of peachy corals as I am.

In addition to the lipsticks my box o' prizes also held the whole limited edition Mediterranean collection (consisting of a palette, a Pout Polish and a blush), and their new Luminaire Highlighting Concealer (which I failed to include in my pictures). I'll show more of the i-Divine palette in a separate post later. You can see swatches of all three Mediterranean items at Killer Colours!

If you ever get the chance to participate in Sleek's contests either on Twitter or Facebook, then give it your best attempt, cross your fingers and hope for an awesome prize! If Lady Luck seems to be absent you can always order whatever your heart desires from Sleek MakeUP. Hurrah!

Liqueur · Papaya Punch · Stiletto · Amped · Mystic
Peaches & Cream · Coral Reef · Baby Doll · Barely There · Fuchsia

Sleek MakeUP Mediterranean Collection
i-Divine in Monaco · Pout Polish in Monte Carlo · Blush in Santorini

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '11

Posted by Shamini on June 24, 2011 – 11:53 PM

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  1. Wow, for en nice premie. Skal ta en titt på siden deres. På tide med noe ny sminke, tenker jeg 8)

    • Jeg klager absolutt ikke! Jeg hater konkurranser hvor man må gjøre noe, f.eks. skamløst promotere en blogg eller lignende, så jeg er stor fan av Sleeks konkurranser hvor det som regel er om å svare på tre spørsmål fortest mulig. Enda bedre er det jo at de faktisk er interessert i idéene våre! Har alle palettene deres, og anbefaler deg å kikke på dem om det er øyenskygger du er ute etter. Smile

  2. Cool! You seem to be very lucky with Sleek competitions! What’s your secret? Smile Anyway, I’m happy for you that you got some new treasures for your collection Smile

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