Wet n Wild Go for the Gold

Wet n Wild Go for the GoldWet n Wild has slowly, but surely become one of my favorite drugstore brands. When the limited edition Go for the Gold was released a little earlier this summer, consisting of the gorgeous trio appropriately named "The Gilded Age" and the bronzer "Everything Under the Sun", I really wanted to get my hands on at least the trio.

Despite of being a cheap drugstore brand Wet n Wild is surprisingly difficult to get your hands on if you live in Norway. I was recently informed that Wet n Wild is indeed available online from Sweden, and if you're interested in trying out some of their products you can find a selection at Nelly (which also offers kickback) and Eleven, but don't forget about fees and taxes!

I contacted Wet n Wild Nordic through twitter to find out whether or not this collection was or would be available in Scandinavia, and apparently the collection Go for the Gold is a whole other collection over here. It consists of a completely different bronzer and a kabuki brush.. so I ventured on eBay to find the trio, and after a little while I struck gold. I ordered the trio and the bronzer (since I was already at it), and the seller actually included a trio and a full size eye liner for free, since I had ordered from her once before. My items arrived quickly enough, but I was devastated to find "The Gilded Age" smashed into smithereens. I have no idea how it could happen, everything was wrapped properly in bubble wrap.. so I e-mailed the seller to ask her if she had another one I could buy, but the three trios she had was already sold. About a week later she e-mailed me again, telling me that one of her buyers never paid for the trio, so I could have it as a replacement for the one that broke in transit.

Honestly I rarely blame the seller for broken items, as long as it's been packed properly as these items were, which is why I wanted to buy another one from her. I was really happy when she told me she'd already shipped it my way, and I'm really looking forward to receiving it. It is dupable, do doubt about it, but I have a thing for these small, inexpensive and pigmented trios from Wet n Wild. Oh, you might want to know the price also? $2.99, or about 17,- NOK with today's exchange rate, if you're lucky enough to find a store that carries it. A bargain!

Wet n Wild Go for the Gold

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Photos © Wet n Wild and Shamini Thevarajah '11

Posted by Shamini on June 11, 2011 – 4:23 PM

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  1. Wow, I can only imagine your disappointment when it arrived all smashed up like that! Good thing you found a replacement Smile Glad to hear you enjoy something so inexpensive! The YSL habit can be devastating Wink

    • Completely! I mean, it would have been sad if it was the freebie trio, but at least it would have been easy to replace. Wet n Wild is absolutely worth checking out, even though it’s in another league than M·A·C, MUFE, YSL, Chanel and so on. My habits are already a tad bit on the expensive side, as we all know. Wink

  2. Ooops, it’s a shame that it happened. Broken e/s always are a fail. But you’re so lucky to have access to wet n wild products. I can’t find any here in Germany anymore. I’d love to try a Color Icon palette but well, I have to find a swapper after all, I guess. *sigh*

    • I’m so glad to see you again! How are you, and how have you been? Smile Yes, broken e/s is my worst nightmare when Mr. Postman stops by! Powder everywhere.. I just recently found out that I actually have access to Wet n Wild, although.. if I want some of the LE products released in the US, I’ll have to go on eBay like everyone else in Europe. Sucks, but at least it’s a way. Let me know if I can help you get something!

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