Trondheim Hundefestival

I kinda wish I could decide on whether or not do write these posts in English, but you know.. I must be one of the most indecisive people on Earth!

We spent today at Støren where the second day of the annual Trondheim Hundefestival was being held. Nowadays I'm kinda used to things not really turning out as I've planned, so instead of spending the weekend there we attended today only. I had intended for both dogs to be shown, but after discussing it over with Cuda's breeder we decided to pull him because of the lack of lower canines. I seriously hope they'll pop up soon, it would make me immensely happy, but I'm not so sure they will. Too bad there's nothing to be done about it, I would really like to keep showing him - but there's little to be done with Mother Nature's decisions.

Last time we attended a dog show, which was at Sunndalsøra in the end of April, both Theo and Cuda appeared anxious towards all the other dogs. It was quite embarrassing when Cuda just kept on barking, barking.. and barking more (while wagging his little tail ecstatically), and Theo snapped and hissed at any dog daring enough to walk past him, which kinda happens quite frequently when attending a dog show. I felt like digging a deep hole in the ground and disappearing. After Øyvind had been working with them for an hour or maybe even more, they finally seemed to calm down and managed to enter the ring in a somewhat decent manner. From that point on everything turned easy-peasy!

Correct size. Middle long in body. Enough correct head. Bit strong expression. Good teeth. Correct chest and bones for age. Correct topline. Middle coat condition. Enough correct in moving.


Judge: Duzan Paunowic, Serbia

Their behavior made me dread the next planned show, which was this weekend, but as it turned out we seemed to have brought two completely different dogs this time? Our theory is that all the work we put into it while surrounded by tons of unfamiliar dogs of all sizes and their owners, turned out to be a wonderful experience which made both dogs a lot more accustomed to the show environment. Cuda naturally wanted to greet everyone, dogs and people, while Theo kept extremely calm during the whole ordeal. I think he has been allowed to develop a bit too much of his own free will, which makes him sort of difficult to get to focus when there's a lot going on around him, but today's achievements showed a change in him. A positive change! Even though he didn't work as good as I would have wanted him to, he was awarded two red ribbons (excellent) along with his very first CK! I'm so proud of my little fuzzball. And Øyvind of course, who's doing some really good work in training and handling the two little rascals.

Xina Cross Country

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11

Posted by Shamini on May 29, 2011 – 7:39 PM

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  1. Så nydelig hund….
    Får så lyst til å skaffe meg selv, men må nok vurdere frem og tilbake, krever jo mye tid, men jeg tror ikke den tiden har noe å si mot den kjærligheten man får tilbake.
    Hva skal man med menn, kvinner klarer seg selv og trenegr man noen å være glad i så er hunden beste alternativet Grin

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