NARS Persepolis and Rajasthan

Laura Mercier: brushesMr. Postman has left my mailbox famished the last couple of days, but yesterday I received a small padded envelope filled with bubble wrap - and a few makeup items. I had placed another order with Kiss & Makeup because I wanted a brush from Laura Mercier, another eyeshadow duo from NARS and a pump for my Sheer Glow Foundation, but I ended up ordering the Finishing Eye Brush and the Smoky Eye Liner Brush, and the incredibly gorgeous "Persepolis" (shimmering sea green/regal blue) eyeshadow duo. The pump was unfortunately out of stock, so I'll have to pick it up next time I order from them instead. I'm really looking forward to trying out these brushes as I've heard a lot of nice things about the ones from Laura Mercier, and I'll do a little review when I've had the chance to try them out.

For my review of Kiss & Makeup, click here.

I've managed to accumulated quite a few NARS duos now, and I must say that "Persepolis" had become one of my absolute favorites. It's quite loud, and maybe not the everyday duo you'd reach for before storming out the door in the morning, but I think it's gorgeous. Mariah Loves Make Up has swatches of this duo, and please take a look at Made in Taiwan for a beautiful look. Not too long ago I also received "Rajasthan" in the mail, swatches at Temptalia, which was one of the two limited edition duos from NARS' Fall Collection in 2010, and a highlight/blush duo in "Albatross/Orgasm".

NARS Persepolis NARS Rajasthan
NARS Persepolis NARS Rajasthan

I've added promo pictures of these duos because it's almost impossible to capture their true colors in photos, so I gave up. Now that I'm starting to feel better in general I'll try to do some looks in the near future. I know I've been saying that a lot, but I just haven't had the health or energy to play around with makeup for about six months now. It might be hard to understand for someone who's not into makeup themselves, but I'm really looking forward to rediscovering my passion for makeup and colors.

Photos: Laura Mercier and NARS Cosmetics

Posted by Shamini on April 13, 2011 – 12:45 PM

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  1. Nydelige øyenskygger!
    Gleder meg til å se noen looks med de hvis du får energien og ånden over degSmile

    • Ja, de er virkelig nydelige. Promobildene yter dem ikke rettferdighet, og jeg har derfor lagt til link til swatches av Rajasthan også. Fantastiske farger! Jeg skal se om jeg kan komme med iallfall én look i løpet av, eller muligens like over påske. Våren har meldt sin ankomst, og med finværet kommer både formen, energien og humøret. Smile

  2. …og der ble ønskelista enda litt lengre! Jeg stemmer for noen looks med disse Grin

    • Om du ønsker deg Rajasthan bør du nok skaffe deg et eksemplar ganske snart. Jeg vet ikke hvor lenge den forblir i omløp, men med tanke på at den er limited edition fra høsten 2010 kan det tenkes at den blir vanskelig å finne om ikke altfor lenge.

  3. Whoa, you’ve some good taste there, sweetie Smile They look awesome, hope you enjoy them! And the brushes look interesting. I’ve never heard any opinions on the Laura Mercier brushes before – hope they deliver! Smile

    • Why, thank you. Smile They are both awesome indeed, and I’m quite sure I’ll love them both. You know me.. I cannot resist those bright colors. Wink I’ll keep you posted on the Laura Mercier brushes!

  4. Sorry, i don,t speak english.
    I have one problem , I broke duo rajasthan wich isn´t my… I need one new, how do you know where can I take it ?? Sorry and thanks

    • No need to apologize! I’m not sure where you can get a new Rajasthan, as it’s a limited edition. You could always try eBay, and I would recommend this seller (clickable link). Hope this helps! Smile

  5. Shamini a lot of thanks for your answer. I try to buy in your recommend but I don´t know how to buy in ebay.
    Then I look this duo in a web of bloomingsdale but in the checkout moment have a problem , I think is because the order is from Spain.

    • No problem at all. Smile I’m not sure how to help you. eBay is easy to use, but you need an account and preferably a PayPal account to pay from – and it can be a little tricky to set up. I don’t think websites like Bloomingdale’s ship internationally, and I cannot find one that ships internationally AND still carry Rajasthan. Frown

  6. Hello Shamini !!! I bought the Rajasthan finaly in you recommend seller !!! I´m to happy, a lot of thanks for your help … you have a friend in Spain !!! je je je je kisses and see you soon. kisses

  7. Hi Shamini, I´m here again. How you know a lot of things of makeup world I would like tell you some questions …
    Where can I take of shu uemura eyelash curler ??? And stilas products ??? , the order is from Spain and It´s the problem… snif snif
    Usually I buy on Kissmakeup, Illasmaqua, Louis Young …. because in this webs itsn´t have problem to the orders from Spain. I hope you can understand my bad English because I this language… Thanks Shamini !!!

    • I’m so glad you got your hands on a new Rajasthan, and that I could help you! Grin

      I’ll try to answer your questions for you:
      1.) I can’t remember having seen Shu Uemura being sold outside of the US, and I had no luck when I did a quick google search either. You might be able to find a seller who offers Shu Uemura in eBay, but be careful.. there’s a lot of fake cosmetics for sale on eBay. You could also try Amazon.com. If these are not options for you, I might be able to order one for you from the US, and ship it from me to you. Smile

      2.) Stila is another one of those companies who doesn’t ship internationally. AllCosmeticsWholesale have a quite nice selection and they ship to Spain as far as I know. They also sell authentic products, and customer service is excellent.

      You could look into getting an account with one of those companies who redirect mail from the US to other countries in the world, like Spain. If you need an American billing address (and pre-paid Discover card), I recommend looking into US Unlocked. If you have any questions, just ask me and I’ll do my best to help you.

      No need to thank me, I’m happy to help you – and thank you for your friendship! You now have a friend in Norway. Smile Kisses!

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