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MAC Jeanius: Stovepipe BlackM·A·C is constantly releasing new collections, as we all know, and even though I'm usually all over them, or at least most of them, M·A·C Jeanius totally failed to lure me in.

To be completely honest I was planning to buy all four eyeshadows in this collection, due to their incredibly cool denim pattern. It's no secret that I'm a big jeans lover, I mean.. I have a closet full. Unfortunately the brass button is just the regular spray-on and will go away after swiping it. Even though these shadows look cool, the colors weren't all that special - or rather special enough to add them to my vast collection of eyeshadow - so I decided to skip them all. Well, all but Stovepipe Black, the one shade I thought looked unique enough to justice it.

In addition to the one eyeshadow, I ordered the two nail polishes Frayed to Order and Biker Blue. I know most of the nail polish gurus out there don't think much of M·A·C's nail polishes, but sometimes M·A·C releases some colors that are irresistible - just like these two. Temptalia has some really nice swatches of them both here and here. Grin

As usual after having ordered the items I want from a specific M·A·C collection, I started lemming one last item.. just one more.. I'm sure you know what I mean, so when I suddenly discovered that the Pink Power Mineralized Skin Finish from M·A·C Wonder Woman was back in stock I decided to order it and thereby complete my WW haul. Yet another super-sized item! A regular MSF is 10 grams (0.35 US oz), and Pink Power is 20 grams (0.70 US oz). The main reason why I like this MSF so much is that it's made up of three individual colors: a highlight, a blush and a contour/bronzer, which makes it a bit different than the regular MSF's. I decided on Pink Power as opposed to Golden Lariat, since the latter was too orange for my liking. I might fall in between the two with my medium skin tone, but I'm quite sure that Pink Power will suit me the best. Once again, Temptalia has swatches here.

Photo: M·A·C Cosmetics

Posted by Shamini on March 21, 2011 – 2:14 AM

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  1. You got the best Jeanius eyeshadow Smile I guess I’m saying that because I have it. It’s kind of nice how the Wonder Woman items, especially the face + cheek stuff turned out to be nice. I’m in love with my Amazon Princess blush.

    Pink Power will look very good on you. Promise to mail you your “Behave Yourself” lipstick soon. Keep forgetting Frown

    • I think so too, even though I saw a look with Diva in Distress which tickled my curiosity a little. Didn’t cave though! I’m glad to hear that you love Amazon Princess, and I think Pinchy is in love with her Marquise d’ and Mighty Aphrodite as well. Wink I hope Pink Power will fit me, it looks so subtle and nice. And don’t worry about the lipstick, dear!

  2. Er enig i at fargene er litt… kjedelige kanskje. Jeg har bare en neglelakk fra MAC men til gjengjeld så elsker jeg den. Den smelter på plass på neglen. (Lucky number)

    • Fargene på M·A·C neglelakker, mener du? Det var ikke fargene jeg refererte til, jeg syns generelt de er fine, men konsistensen og kvaliteten er noe de fleste neglelakkguruene klager over. Ikke vet jeg, jeg er bare en entusiast, og jeg har foreløpig ikke noe å utsette på neglelakkene deres. Smile

  3. Nei jeg mente fargene på MAC Jeanius-skyggene.
    Angående lakker så har jeg som sagt bare en og ikke så stor erfaring med det, men akkurat den jeg har er jeg veldig fornøyd med. Skal skaffe flere så snart jeg kommer meg til Trondheim. Gudene vet når det er Razz

    • Aah. Jeg syns fargene er fine og hadde som sagt planer om å kjøpe alle fire, men da folk begynte å poste swatches ombestemte jeg meg fordi to av dem var svært lite pigmenterte, og den tredje er nesten identisk med en av de permanente øyenskyggene.

      Om du skal ha noe herfra kan jeg kjøpe og sende til deg, det er bare å si fra. Smile

  4. Jag har hört många goda och bra saker om denna kollektion Smile
    Designen är rätt snärtig tycker jag Smile
    Dock tror jag inte att jag skulle köpa dem ifall jag hade tillgång till en MAC eller kunde beställa Smile

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