Puppy Show: Beagleringen Trøndelag

We went to Melhus yesterday to participate in another puppy show. It was arranged by Beagleringen Trøndelag, and Cuda's breeders were also coming with his sister. Cuda has developed a lot since the last time we saw them! This time we had a little competition in another younger male, who ended up being chosen for best male, and BOB (Best of Breed) in the end. He was such a gorgeous little thing, and he was a bit more focused than the enthusiastic Cuda - who mainly wanted to run around and greet everyone, humans as dogs. Just as last time his tail never stopped wagging, not even for a single second. I'm not complaining though, we're still beginners and we're learning something each time we attend a show - and now we have more to work with until the next show in the end of April.

7 mnd, mg god type, bra hode, litt små øyne, korrekt bitt, velkroppet og velvinklet, bra hale, beveger seg bra fra siden og bak, padler frem. En trivelig valp som er velvist.

Judge: Elisabeth Bugge Olsen, Norway

As already mentioned Cuda ended up as 2nd best male, which really doesn't mean anything as there were only two males competing about the title, but he was awarded a red ribbon for quality. He also received a really good critique, which I think is a bit more important than the actual ribbons - and I'm not saying that as a sore loser. Now I'm really looking forward till April, when we're showing both dogs, two days in a row!

Cuda had to go to the veterinarian today to have two of his teeth pulled. Poor little one! I absolutely hate having to anesthetize the little ones, but sometimes it's inevitable and at least now he's all done with tooth shedding. Theo was very happy when Øyvind brought Cuda back and tried to get him to play, but poor Cuda was all woozy and tired. After a while Cuda started acting more like normal again, and now they're running around like usual. Smile

Posted by Shamini on March 15, 2011 – 12:11 AM

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