Meet MacLittle

MacBook Air
• 1,4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
• 128 GB Flash Storage
• NVIDIA GeForce 320M

I've added a new little Apple to my family, and this time it was a MacBook Air 11-inch. I didn't really need a new MacBook as my old one's still working like a charm, but I've been wanting a smaller laptop for a while now since the old one was a bit big and heavy for me to use. I spend a lot of time in front of at least one of my computers, and since I've been trying to avoid my regular one to see if that's what making me dizzy and nauseous, my only choice has been my 13-inch MacBook which is big. At least compared to this little beauty, because "little" is really the cue word here! She's a beauty. So thin, light and small - a pleasure to use. She's not a great, big monster machine, but she's perfect for my use. I need a laptop that's easy to use when I'm away from home, a laptop I can easily go online with, blog on, and do smaller photo editing jobs on - and this is certainly it, she's the perfect little companion. Grin

MacBook Air

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11

Posted by Shamini on March 14, 2011 – 12:06 AM

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  1. Faren min har denne, hadde jeg ikke trengt laptopen til animasjonsarbeid hadde jeg jammen kjøpt denne selv! Den er jo bare så søøøøøt!

    • Hadde jeg fortsatt studert grafisk kunne jeg ikke brukt denne til noe fornuftig. Jeg kjøpte jo en sånn mini-PC for en tid tilbake, og har siden det ønsket hardere enn hardt at Apple skulle komme med noe tilsvarende. Når MacBook Air kom i 11″ havnet den umiddelbart øverst på ønskelista. En ganske dyr leke.. men åh, så lekker. Wink

  2. Yay Smile Glad you got yourself a new gadget. It’s so you. S has the 15 inch one and he loves it. Enjoy your new toy!

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