Cerebellum? Scarring?

It's been a while since the last time I wrote anything about my health, but it's been pretty much the same. Some days it's better, some days it's worse, but all-in-all it's at least better than it was when it was really bad. I don't think I shared, but I had a CT scan back in January. The CT scan was originally supposed to be an MRI, but someone along the way decided to change it into a CT scan instead. I wanted to have my head checked because I felt like it needed to be done, but in the hospital I was told that it was way too expensive to do without a suspicion of anything serious. Thankfully my doctor is one of the good doctors, he listened to me and ordered an MRI anyway (the one that turned into a CT scan). So, in late February I got a phone call from my doctor telling me that they had found some scarring on my cerebellum - they couldn't tell what might have caused it, or when it had happened - so he wanted to send me to a neurologist for more exams. In the meanwhile he wanted me to stop taking contraceptives immediately, and start on mild blood thinners to be on the safe side.

Today I went to see the neurologist, and man.. what a feeling. I finally felt like I was being heard when saying that there's something wrong with me! I think that alone is enough to make me feel a little better. I refuse to accept that this is all due to my low lung capacity, like they're trying to convince me of in the hospital. He was really nice, he listened and explained everything thoroughly. Apparently the scarring may very well be caused by a stroke, and I will now be examined as if that's the case. Once again I was nearly emptied for blood - OK, exaggerating a wee bit maybe - and now I'm waiting for an appointment for an MRI, for real this time, and of course the test results. Oddly enough I don't feel scared. If anything I feel relieved.. relieved to be heard, knowing that I'm not being hysterical, and the new hope of this being something that will eventually get better.

Posted by Shamini on March 11, 2011 – 5:17 PM

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  1. Usj. Ser ut som legen gjorde rett da han ba deg slutte med pillen og ta blodfortynnende da. Jeg krysser fingre for at du endelig får et definitivt svar og en diagnose med påfølgende behandling. *klemme*

    • For å være ærlig tror jeg ikke pillen har noe med dette å gjøre, men det er best å være på den sikre siden – og jeg er takknemlig for at jeg har en fastlege som ser ut til å bry seg. Jeg håper også at jeg får et endelig svar, og ikke minst en forklaring på hvorfor formen har vært som den har det siste halve året – takk for omtanken. Smile *klemme*

  2. Thank you so much for giving us an update! I’m happy about several things: one that you feel relief, two that you’re off the contraceptives, three that you’re finally being heard and four that you feel hope. I love you dear, and have great hopes for you Smile

  3. Åh snuppi..Du skal virkelig få slite. Men bra at ting ordner seg nå sånn at du får svar på hvorfor ting har vært sånn det har vært det siste halve åretSmile

    *Klem og kos*

    • Takk, kjære du. Jeg vet ikke enda om jeg får noen vettuge svar, men jeg håper iallfall det. Det hadde hjulpet enormt, og da kan man kanskje gjøre noe med den dårlige formen min. Smile *kjempeklem*

  4. I’m so glad things are looking up for you sweetie. At least the doctor is listening now and they have a clue about what could be wrong. That itself should help you sleep better at night.

    Take care my friend Smile

    • It does, it really does. I keep thinking that this should be scaring me, but I’m not scared, I’m relieved. And strangely happy. Smile Thank you for caring, and for making my days brighter!

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