Illamasqua Toxic Nature

Illamasqua Toxic Nature

On March 10th Illamasqua is releasing their newest collection: Toxic Nature - and this is by far my favorite promo picture of the bunch (see more here). The tagline of this collection is "Welcome to the Atomic-Botanical Wastelands..." and even though it looks a little ..morbid, I'm a great fan already!

"Like nature itself, it's not all sweetness and light. Shades of mint, mushroom, plum, orange and rose are distorted with rich textures and pops of acid-infused brightness that command attention and draw you in.."

Illamasqua also launches a new product with this collection, namely the Cream Pigments. They are quite versatile and can be used for several purposes like concealing, contouring, blush, lip color and eyeshadow - or even as a base to intensify your eyeshadow. You can apply them with your fingers or a brush for a buildable, matte, water resistant finish - and they come in six different shades. You can also experiment with mixing and matching, which I think is quite cool.

Alex Box herself says: "I don’t think we have ever created a product that is as hard working as Cream Pigment. They can correct or enhance, disguise or reveal. I am obsessed with their versatility; blush, lips, eyes, contouring … they are absolutely my favourite product right now. Super-blendable, they can be pressed and blended into skin or slicked on for graphic shapes. Education is key with the pigments. Once you have learnt how to master them, you can control their impact."

Illamasqua Toxic Nature

    Cream Pigments: £17.00

  • Emerge (peach)
  • Bedaub (mint)
  • Dab (lilac)
  • Hollow (toffee)
  • Delirium (rose taupe)
  • Mould (grape)
    Precision Ink: £17.00

  • Glister
    Lipstick: £15.50

  • Atomic (fuchsia violet)
  • Flare (bright orange)
    Sheer Lipgloss: £13.00

  • Divine (fuchsia pink)
  • Torture (coral peach)
    Nail Varnish: £13.50

  • Purity (peach)
  • Bacterium (pearlescent ash ochre)
  • Radium (acidic lime shimmer)
  • Stagnate (grey mauve)
  • Gamma (neon orange)

Will you be getting anything from Toxic Nature?
All items can be ordered online from March 10th.

Photo © Illamasqua

Posted by Shamini on March 4, 2011 – 7:14 PM

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  1. Har så lyst på Hollow og Emerge! Og kanskje Bacterium, den så så spennende ut Smile

    • Jeg er stygt redd for at jeg kommer til å investere i resten av disse pigmentene når de slippes, eller.. når kontoen min tillater det iallfall. Wink Hollow skal visst være perfekt som konturskygge dersom du er lys i huden. Emerge er utrolig fin, og kan også brukes til å nøytralisere mørke ringer under øynene om man skulle ha behov for det – selv kommer jeg til å bruke den som øyenskygge og kanskje blush. Den er fiiin! Beklageligvis er Emerge og Delirium såkalte “EU exclusives” og kan ikke bestilles til Norge via webshoppen deres. Frown

  2. För det första… JÖSSES VA HÄRLIG PROMO BILD Shock helt underbar
    Sedan låter produkterna helt underbara också Grin
    Allt som är peach dras jag till för tillfället… och namnet Delirium får mig att tänka på en av mina favorit comics.. Sandman.. Smile
    En av karaktärerna där heter Delirium Grin
    De andra produkt namnen är också underbara… Smile

    • Jeg er helt enig! Det er noe eget ved promobildene til Illamasqua, og de aller fleste trollbinder meg på en eller annen måte. Toxic Nature er intet unntak! Grin

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