Inglot, my precious!

So, as I told you in my previous post I'm now a very proud owner of two palettes with square shadows from Inglot Cosmetics! I felt a little like Gollum there with a crazy look in my eyes, caressing my palettes while almost hissing the words: "my preeeeecious!". Am I in love? Oh yes, indeed. It was almost impossible to choose between all the enticing colors, but I ended up with 15 shadows which looked quite unique from what I could see after researching swatches online. Unfortunately two of the shadows I really wanted was sold out, so I ended up replacing them with 74 and 504. And there was a little snafu with 59. It was supposed to be a unique whitish blue duo-chrome according to a post on Specktra, but it turned out to be bright acid green as I would have realized had I crosschecked it with Inglot. No harm done though, as I think the color is flat out awesome.

Inglot Cosmetics Freedom PaletteTop: 64, 494, 446, 445, 74
Bottom: 496, 467, 361, 463, 59

Inglot Cosmetics Freedom Palette15, 407, 26, 27, 504

I rearranged my 5-slot palette after taking these pictures, to go from light to dark, and I'm pretty sure I'll do the same with my 10-slot palette. I'm pretty sure I'll be rearranging them again if I ever get more eyeshadows from Inglot, 'cause sorting through the colors is half the fun! I picked the first four colors in this smaller palette because they all looked metallic, like molten metals, apart from the 504. Obviously. I have a thing for metals it seems. And this is me telling you, once again, that I'll try to do some swatching for you. If I should fail, once again, there are plenty of swatches online anyway.

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '11

Posted by Shamini on January 31, 2011 – 7:59 PM

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  1. So pretty! Imagine my relief that I didn’t break one when I played with them!

    • I hope you’ll post pictures (and numbers) of yours as well, I loved the look of it! Hehe, and I have no problem at all to imagine your relief, although I think you were more scared than I was. Wink

  2. Hehehe, you two are so cute. I’m so glad we could get some Inglot just to experience what all the hype is about. I haven’t used mine yet – kept it on the table that I usually use to photograph stuff. Hoping to take a photo and post some swatches – hopefully I can get enough light to succeed.

    Your palettes are very nice. Pinchy was raving about 446 on Twitter and now I want to try it as well Smile

    • It seems to me that the hype is well worth it. I’m in love with the buttery texture of these shadows, and I’m kind of regretting not picking any browns. Guess what’s on my list for the next time any of us are near an Inglot store? Correct, BROWNS. Grin

      Looking forward to seeing your palette, and the colors you chose!

  3. Ugh! Lucky! I am dying for some Inglot shadows. I keep hearing how amazing they are lol. You got some great colors too. Smile

    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment for me! I’m really pleased with my Inglot picks, but I regret not getting any browns. Smile If you ever get the chance to try them out, then you should – the shimmers/shines are so smooth and gorgeous! Smile

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