Life’s a BITCH, then what?

I'm getting more and more frustrated every day with how I'm feeling. I'm sick of being dizzy, nauseous and generally low on energy. I spent this Tuesday and Wednesday in the hospital once again, this time for a routine checkup. The night before was horrible. I kept waking up with a thundering heartbeat and I ended up having slept for less than one hour before we drove down to St. Olavs Hospital for my 11:00 AM appointment. Once there I was told that my room wasn't ready just yet, so I had to go sit down and wait in the hallway. I waited. And waited. When the time had passed 13:30 PM something finally started happening, and around 14:00 PM I was told to go down to Spirometry to have my breath measured. By then I was so tired I felt like passing out, and I was pretty mad that I had just spent three hours waiting when I could have been at home getting some much needed sleep instead. I also had an incident where an anesthetic nurse, sent to set me up with intravenous fluids, tried poking me with needles no less than six times before she gave up and told me she could send one of her colleagues instead - if I wanted to. She even managed to hit a nerve or something in my hand so I jumped from pain, and all my fingers curled up.. My arm is still sore four days later.

I don't feel like I got anything out of that routine checkup. They seem to be far too focused on my pulmonary function, instead of actually listening to me when I try telling them there's something else wrong with me. I know that I don't have perfect lungs, I know that they are pretty weak, but I don't need to be told three times a day. I've been living this life for 31 years now, I've paid attention. Once again I'm told that there's nothing wrong with me. Once again I'm told that everything's perfectly normal, apart from my lowered pulmonary function that is. And once again every fiber in my body is telling me otherwise, and I'm so frigging frustrated in addition to all the other emotions running through my body, making me depressed, sad, negative and all that crap at the same time.

Can someone please tell me how to handle this? I know there's a saying: "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade", but I don't have the faintest idea on how to get through this rough patch. At least you know why my diary is kinda quiet nowadays, I just don't have.. whatever it takes. Bear with me, please.

Posted by Shamini on January 9, 2011 – 1:10 AM

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  1. I really don’t know what to say, just wanted to let you know that I’ve read this blog post and that I wish I had any answers to give you… *hug*

  2. god o_o
    skulle da tro de ville funnet ut noe mer snart.. har du prøvd andre sykehus?Thinking.. uff!! *klem*

    • De kan ikke finne ut noe mer når de konkluderer med at det er relatert til lungene mine istedet for å faktisk høre på meg når jeg sier at det er noe annet som er galt. Jeg skal prøve fastlegen igjen, men jeg er ikke akkurat positiv. Annet sykehus er igrunn ikke et alternativ, med mindre jeg forsøker Nordlandssykehuset igjen – men det er et stykke å reise, og ikke noe som er gjort i en håndvending.


  3. Ack, I feel for you, babe <3

  4. Er det noen av legene du har pratet med du føler hører på deg? Fastlegen? Noen du kan få trødd inn med teskje hva du tenker og mener om saken, og slå en hånd i borde om nødvendig. Jeg håper alt ordner seg for deg. Og er så leit å lese når noen ikke føler seg HØRT i helsevesenet!

    (Håper det er greit jeg kommenterer på norsk, siden min engelsk ikke er så stødig!)

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