Make Up Store: Jubilee & Choco d’Or

Make Up Store hasn't really been getting much attention from me. That is mainly because I prefer other brands like M·A·C, NARS and MUFE when it comes to eyeshadow. I've also been boycotting them since they decided to move their store from a fully accessible location at Trondheim Torg to a new location.. with stairs at the entrance. I guess it's needless to say that I feel a tad bit excluded, that's 2010 for ya.

I had a period when I first moved to Trondheim where I would go to Make Up Store every time I had the chance. Not to buy anything, just to look at the many breathtaking colors on display. I did buy a few products eventually though, Microshadow, Cybershadow and a few Eyedusts, but I was never fully enthralled by this brand. I'm not sure why, maybe I chose the wrong colors. Because of this my products from Make Up Store have been tucked away in a drawer somewhere, collecting dust.

Usually when I decide to purchase makeup or other beauty products I've been influenced by someone else. I first saw the gorgeous Choco d'Or (brown with gold glitter) when Malin talked about it, which made me unable to forget about it. Then Aina absolutely rocked her smoky eyes done with Take Off, Jubilee (black with gold glitter) and 24 Karat, and I knew I just had to add Jubilee to my own collection. While I was there I also picked up a bottle of Mixing Liquid. I don't have any special plans for it yet, but it's useful to have a way of making my own liner out of the thousands of eyeshadows I own, or even foiling.

Make Up Store: Jubilee and Choco d'OrMUS Jubilee and MUS Choco d'Or

And for the practical information: a Microshadow holds 3.5 grams (.12 oz) of product, and cost 140,- NOK which about $24 with today's exchange rate. These eyeshadows are only sold at Make Up Store and some divisions of KICKS as far as I've understood (don't quote me on that), and unfortunately cannot be ordered online.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on December 20, 2010 – 5:16 PM

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  1. Tusen takk for linkSmile
    Choco D’or er nydelig. Jubilee ser også fantastisk ut. Den skal eg jammen meg få tak i neste gang eg er innom MUS Grin

    • Ingenting å takke for, selv takk for tipset om en aldeles nydelig øyenskygge. Jeg er jo sånn superforbruker av brune, og Choco d’Or har den lille prikken over i-en. Grin Håper du liker Jubilee like godt som jeg gjør!

  2. I fell for them – checked out Make Up Store yesterday and er… got these two. *hangs head in shame*

  3. Takk for linken. Jeg må jo åpenbart ha Choco d’Or nå også. Takk, takk Wink

    • Bare hyggelig, kjære du. Smile Make Up Store burde betale oss alle noen prosenter for å ha påvirket hverandre til å handle disse skyggene. Wink Vil gjerne se fler looks fra deg hvor du bruker både Jubilee og Choco d’Or!

  4. Hi there!

    I’m glad you like our eye shadows, and our Mixing Liquid as well!

    Even though the store now is outside the shopping mall, I hope you still will come to visit us. The reason for moving is that we are starting up a Make Up Artist School, so we need a little more space.

    Hope to see you all soon!

    Love/Make Up Store.

    • Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I tried visiting your new location this summer, but the only way to get into your store was by using some very dangerous ramps (not meant for wheelchairs), so I had to turn around and go home instead. I really hope you’ll find a good solution, then I promise to come shop.

      A Make Up Artist School? Interesting! Will the school be accessible for wheelchairs? I would very much like more information about this. Smile

  5. Oh, I forgot, the stairs. We are working on that Smile

    Love/Make Up Store.

  6. Hi again!

    We have really tried to find a good solution to the stairs-problem. We called a couple of places and asked about ramps, but they didn’t have one that fit the type of chair that you’re using, so the only way we can solve the problem is to build a new entry, actually, and Make Up Store says that that will cost too much. I’m not even sure if that would be okay with the owner of this building. The Make Up Artist School will be in the same building, downstairs, so that won’t work either. Again, I’m so sorry. But there’s some good news as well! You know Fotofagskolen? They are starting up a stylist/makeup artist education, so if you want to learn more about makeup and stylig- that’s the place for you. A very good place, actually.

    Love/Make Up Store Smile

    • @Make Up Store: That’s a shame, isn’t it – officially there won’t be any wheelchair access to your store? Make up is for everybody, whether you use a wheelchair, a walking stick, a walker; whether you’re fair, dark, tanned, medium dark, pale, etc. In English there’s a term known as “diversity” which means “a point or respect in which things differ”. People come in different shapes and sizes. Hence in today’s world, we are all expected to respect diversity….looks like a lot of companies did not get this memo.

      • Yes, it’s a shame, and we are very sorry about it. We are still working on finding a good solution, but it might take some time. This is an old building and we can’t do whatever we want with it, even if we want to and even if we can afford it. It has nothing to do with makeup or Make Up Store, really, but the building. By the way, regulare wheel chairs can fit the ramp that we already got. It’s the ones with two different sets of wheels that’s is the problem.

        Please notice that Make Up Store is looking into this problem to find a solution, so it’s not that we exclude anyone from our shop.

        I will come back to you when I have more information. Smile

        Love/Make Up Store.

        • There are two branches for Make Up Store in Oslo where I live. Like PinchyPeach I will go there once your Trondheim branch is wheelchair accessible. I await the day everybody is welcome to make up – and my dear friend will no longer have to feel excluded because some companies don’t prioritize the plight of the disabled. They are only asking to be able to access the store – not for 50% discount or something Smile

    • First and foremost I want to comment on something very important. Those “ramps” that you have aren’t meant for wheelchairs, not even manual ones, and they are dangerous. I was forced to use a pair of those when I was younger to enter the school bus, and my chair went over the edge with me in it. There are also rules and regulations to how long they have to be and the steepness of the entrance, and yours are both too short and too steep, making them even more hazardous. To be honest I cannot understand how you can offer those as a way to enter your store for people with disabilities. Who will be responsible if there’s an accident trying to enter?

      I completely understand that the building is old, and it’s not up to you to redesign the entrance, but I feel sad and excluded as you moved from a perfectly good spot to a space where I’m (and many others with me) unable to enter. I also understand that you – who write these comments – have management who’s over you, but I’m just stating my mind as a former customer, who’s a little disappointed in Make Up Store.

      I do hope that you will find a solution, and I really appreciate that you are trying – but I also hope you understand why we are reacting. I’m looking forward to more information on the matter! Smile

    • Count me in among the former customers. I’ll come shop the very day you allow my friend to enter Smile

  7. Jeg låner bildet av øyenskyggene og linker deg i innlegget jeg skriver på nå Smile

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