Shopping for Christmas

I'm kinda hoping this will be the last medical update from me in a long while since my doctor's appointment yesterday went well and all. He didn't tell me anything I didn't know, but we talked for a while about everything that has happened, my thoughts and feelings around it, and it felt good to hear that also he thinks it's anxiety that's been bothering me. Don't get me wrong, I never wished for anxiety - I'd much rather have something easily treatable - but then again, I'm starting accept that I'm actually quite healthy, despite of what my body has been trying to convince me to believe over the past.. 47 days. I also had another blood test, this time to exclude diabetes, and mission accomplished with measured glucose at 4.9 on an empty stomach.

Since I was already out of the apartment I decided to go to Cubus at the nearest mall for a little pre-Christmas shopping. I wanted to pick up another pair - I now own five pairs, whereas three of them are brand new - of those incredibly soft pajamas they start selling around Christmas. Sometimes I wish I could spend my entire life wearing my pajamas, but unfortunately I like to think I'm a bit more decent than that. PJ's FTW!

Anyway, while at Cubus I noticed the new brand MNY Maybelline and decided to try a few of their nail polishes. I didn't really like the colors in stock, but I ended up picking up a purple shimmer flecked with purple glitter and a gorgeous deep, dark blue shimmer which instantly reminded me of flowing velvet - #557 and #665. I'll try to be a good girl and come up with some swatches.. eventually, but if you're in a hurry you could always try Google. Since my HG mascara is Max Factor False Lash Effect I decided to try out the new Xperience Volumising Mascara in black. I'll let you know how it goes. Even though False Lash Effect is my go-to mascara I did kinda like their Lash Extension Effect for the days when I really want to tone it down. Extreme lengthening? I don't know about that, but still a decent mascara if you ask me.

I also did some eBay shopping. C'mon. You didn't expect me to end my little Christmas shopping post here, did you? I was looking to get the Sweet & Sugar Sparkle duo from CND, but it turned out to be an impossible task. I mean, I did find a seller who were offering both polishes, but 12 seconds before I paid for my purchase I got a message telling me that there had been a mistake, they didn't have them in stock. Bah! I wish I would stop waiting, and just get the items I want.. when I want them. This little setback naturally led me to browsing around eBay without any particular goal, and the whole escapade ended up in me ordering another six nail polishes. Yep. Six. For some reason they ended up being all O·P·I: Paris Couture for Sure (top coat), Changing of the Garnet, Diva of Geneva, Merry Midnight, DS Magic and DS Radiance.

It's important to reward oneself, yes? Razz

Posted by Shamini on December 15, 2010 – 12:37 AM

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  1. Nce haul Smile I have Merry Midnight, it’s so pretty Grin

  2. Pinch:
    Thank you, darling! I could find very good pictures of Merry Midnight, but it looked so unique – and I do love flakies. I’m still looking for a transparent deep red polish (like Rescue Beauty Lounge Glamourpuss), so if you come across one please squeal. Smile

  3. Ah Rescue Beauty Lounge is evil Smile They had this sale where you could get stuff at 50% discount but the shipping costs to Norway was insane – and there was no way I could ship it to my hotel in the US and make sure it reached in time before I left .. so I gave up. Was a bit bummed out.

    I don’t have Merry Midnight – but I’m still not very comfortable with Red nail colours. I wear them, but I can tell I’m conscious about them – if that makes any sense?

    Sigh, I wish they sold confidence in little bottles – I’d buy them by the gallons! Smile

  4. Fieran:
    Oh, we don’t like evil companies now, do we. I haven’t tried their polishes, but I’m considering going on an eBay rampage to get my hands on Glamourpuss. 50% discount? OMG. I’d be totally bummed out.

    Merry Midnight isn’t red, it’s more of a purple jelly with flakes or at least something similar, as far as I can understand.

    I have no problem understanding that you’re uncomfortable with wearing red nails, I have the exact same problem with lipstick in general. So, should you happen to stumble upon bottled confidence, please pick up a few for me as well. Grin

  5. Jag är glad att du fick tala med doktorn. Brukar alltid kännas så bra efter åt.
    Att ge sig själv en belöning nu som då är mer än rätt Wink
    Jag har börjat belöna mig med nagellack liite för ofta nuförtiden Grin
    Jag har inte fallit för några av Maybelline lacken, men jag har hittat några guldkorn från Models Own Smile

    Sköt om dig

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