Sure, we all know that loose eyeshadow scares me, but when I received a tweet from macismycrack promoting a 50% sale off full sized jars of eyeshadow over at GlamourDollEyes, I had to go have a look. I'm a liiittle skeptical towards "unknown" brands selling pigments like these, but some of the colors were so gorgeous I had to place an order just to try them out while the sale was still on. I picked out 13 colors, put them in my basket and typed in the promo code macismycrack had given me - and voilà!, the total was instantly slashed in half.

GlamourDoll: Angel Wings
Angel Wings
GlamourDoll: Gold Digger
Gold Digger*
GlamourDoll: Trophy Wife
Trophy Wife*
GlamourDoll: Chocoholic
GlamourDoll: Pistol Pistol
Pistol Pistol*
GlamourDoll: Lovers Lane
Lovers Lane
GlamourDoll: Victorian
GlamourDoll: Stellar
GlamourDoll: Chelsey
GlamourDoll: Tattooed
GlamourDoll: Flashdance!
GlamourDoll: Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon
GlamourDoll: Veteran
GlamourDoll: Dirty Jeans
Dirty Jeans
GlamourDoll: Dusk
GlamourDoll: Drag Queen
Drag Queen
GlamourDoll: Aqua Foil
Aqua Foil
GlamourDoll: Island Chic
Island Chic
  GlamourDoll: Hot Mess
Hot Mess*

Now, obviously you can order both full size jars and samples from GlamourDollEyes. What I really liked about this site was that you can choose whether or not you want your samples in bags (.5 grams), or you can choose jars (1 gram) for a little extra. I don't like receiving my samples in bags, so I really appreciated being able to choose between bags and jars. You can also choose if you want a sifter with your jar, although the jar will contain a little less to leave room for the sifter. A full jar without a sifter will contain 2-2.5 grams, while a full jar with a sifter will contain 1.5-2 grams of product.

In addition to the many colors and textures available, you can also get certain collections. Some are limited editions, like the two Halloween sets that was launched for Halloween 2010, but you can also get the 80s Child Collection which is based on TV shows from the 80s, or the Big Cities Collection. These collections both have special colored lids and labels, and hold 10 grams a jar!

• $6.00 full size jar with or without sifter
• $2.50 sample size jar
• $1.25 sample size bag
• $9.00 individual colors from 80s Child Collection or Big Cities Collection
• $72 for the complete 80s Child Collection
• $58 for the complete Big Cities Collection

GlamourDollEyes also offers free worldwide shipping on their samples, and on all orders over $30! According to their website all orders with free shipping are shipped with First Class Mail. I've received three packages from GlamourDollEyes, one of them being samples for testing and reviewing, and the delivery time varied a little. The first shipment took 8 days to arrive, the second shipment took 14 days to reach me, while the third and last one took 12 days - it kinda gives you an idea on what to expect when you choose the free shipping. Seriously amazing!

My Verdict:
RatingI choose to reward GlamourDollEyes with a relatively high score for several reasons. You can choose from a wide range of colors, there's something for everyone. My favorites are the metallic/shimmery ones by far, "Lover's Lane" and "Trophy Wife" in particular. Most of these eyeshdaows are so smooth, so pigmented - and simply to die for! Free international shipping - which is also pretty fast - adds another plus to this company, as well as their great customer service. I'm holding back a little on the top score simply because I found that a few of the eyeshadows I ordered was a little tricky to work with, blend and even out. All-in-all, this is me giving GlamourDollEyes two thumbs up!

Would I order again?
Absolutely! I'm already planning my third order.

GlamourDollEyes[affiliate link]


This review contains product(s) sent for consideration by PR, these have been marked with an asterisk. The remaining products mentioned was purchased by me! All views and opinions expressed in this review are purely mine.

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Posted by Shamini on December 14, 2010 – 3:54 PM

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  1. Jag är inte så förtjust i lösa ögonskuggor, jag tror jag har ungefär 5 eller 6 lösa ögonskuggor, använder 3 av dessa nu som då. Skuggan Veteran ser helt fantastisk ut Smile

  2. They look so pretty! Do the swatches portray the true colours?

  3. Anna:
    Jeg er heller ingen stor fan av løse øyenskygger, men jeg jobber med å venne meg mer til dem. GlamourDollEyes har så utrolig mange fine farger, og de fleste er veldig pigmenterte. Smile

    Hm, some do, some don’t. I have swatches of them all, but I’m not a good swatcher so I didn’t really want to post them. I might anyway, just to show the colors.

  4. What do you think of their matte colours? I have way too much bling and I’m on the hunt for matte colours that I can use to make my blingy colours less bling – so I don’t look like I’m going clubbing.

  5. Fieran:
    Personally I’m an absolute M·A·C fan when it comes to matte eyeshadows. I had some problems working with, and blending the GDE mattes, but I’m not very used to working with loose shadows.. so I dunno?

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