Another medical update

What do you know, I've been back to the hospital once again. This time I was sure I was going to have a heart attack, or something very similar, as my heart rate settled on 125 bpm, and I made Øyvind drive me to the emergency room. I didn't have to wait long before I was allowed to come in to be examined by a doctor, a very nice one too, and even though she couldn't find anything wrong with me apart from the rapid heart rate, she understood my concern. I was then admitted, asked a whole lot of questions, blood was drawn once again, and they did the third electrocardiography in one month. I also got some of the results from the blood work I had done on December 1st, and everything was normal. They chose to keep me there for observation through the night, while wearing a telemetry apparatus - I have no idea what it's called in English, I'm sorry. My heart is working just fine, no abnormalities and I have a normal sinus rhythm.

Yes, I was honestly hoping they would find something on at least one of my tests, but on the other hand I'm now said to be at least 97% healthy. They have checked just about everything, apart from doing a CT scan or an MRI - both tests too expensive to perform unless there's something else indicating the need of having one done. The doctor sent me back home yesterday with the following orders: "There's nothing wrong with you, so you don't have to worry unless you spike a fever. Do not think about it, just ignore it.". I'm still awaiting the results of my hormonal test, which I'll hopefully get on Monday.

I think I'm having some kind of psychological problem, maybe anxiety of some sort. I honestly think that the fact that I'm scared senseless to experience something bad health-wise is making me really pay attention to any sign of abnormalities in my body, and that I'm maybe producing all these symptoms as I'm go. The mind is a powerful tool, so when I get scared and think about all kinds of scary scenarios I scare myself even more, and naturally my heart rate goes up. I then release adrenaline, which cause me to shake and feel even worse, and there you have it.
Late last night I spoke to a friend of mine who's a doctor, and she told me it's quite usual that psychological problems like these manifest themselves physically without having to actually feeling scared or anxious at all. Knowing that kinda calmed me down a little, so thank you Hilde - I really appreciate it.

And once again a great big thanks to my dearest Øyvind who's taking the very best care of me, loving me even though I'm acting like an idiot, dragging him to the emergency room in the middle of the night for absolutely no good reason - and to all the doctors and nurses who actually care enough to understand that I'm scared and bewildered by how I'm feeling. And also to Pinchy and Fieran for being the best friends a girl could ever want in her life.

Posted by Shamini on December 4, 2010 – 6:24 PM

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  1. Huff… Tenker på deg innimellom og håper det ordner seg. Stor klem Smile

  2. Awww, sweetie, you’re the best <3. You're so sweet to me and I so appreciate it. Really. And thank you Øyvind, for taking care of our girl! Smile

    And you're right, the mind is very powerful. You could try talking yourself down next time you feel your heart speeding off – focus on breathing slowly and telling yourself you're all good, try and focus on your breathing and a calming picture in your mind – does this make any sense at all? Smile

  3. “god bedring”….ikke særlig å være syk, eller å få slike symptomer selvom man ikke er syk.

  4. Linda:
    Tusen takk. Smile *klem tilbake*

    If I’m the best then you’re right up here by my side! It’s kind of strange, since I don’t know you that well yet, but you have captured your very own place in my heart – always. Heart

    And yes, it makes very much sense. My mom told me the very same thing, and even though it’s very hard when I feel like I’m about to die, I actually think it works. Another sign of anxiety, huh?

    Tusen takk. Nei, det skal være sikkert og visst. Frown

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