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I love talking with Fieran and Pinchy about nothing and everything, even though we tend to have quite bad influence on each other - enablers as we are, all three of us. When Fieran came back from her trip to San Francisco I asked her about some of the products she'd ended up getting, and she showed me pictures and stuff. She also told me she was really sad about skipping one of the holiday eyeshadow duos from NARS, namely Mélusine. I couldn't remember having seen it, so I did a little research on Google - and what do you know, it instantly settled amongst the top three items on my List of Lemmings. She should have know better than to tickle my curiosity like that!

NARS Eyeshadow Duo: MelusineAs I've said many times before I seriously think these NARS eyeshadow duos are a bit on the expensive side, although their shadows have amazing texture and great quality, but I've still managed to accumulate a few of them. They are not what I go hunting for when I'm buying eyeshadow, but sometimes I discover a duo I'm having a hard time forgetting, and I end up buying it. Mélusine was one of them, and seeing that it was a holiday item, I didn't dare wait particularly long before I jumped on it. I now know that this is a permanent item. On NARS' website it's described as pale silver lilac and bright deep purple. Unfortunately I found it impossible to make the camera pick up the lilac in the silvery shadow, but it's pale lilac indeed.

It's no secret that I prefer purple and brown shades when I'm doing my eye makeup, even though I own just about every color available out there. This duo is no exception, it's plain out gorgeous! By coincidence I stumbled upon a German blog named Bluebell's Beauty Blog when I was searching for swatches and looks with Mélusine. Take a look at her amazing FOTD - and this is the look that actually made me decide to purchase this duo.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo: Melusine

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on December 3, 2010 – 10:10 PM

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  1. You’re so sweet, getting that for Fieran! And yes, we are a bad influence on each other – but we’re so much fun! Grin

    That is a HOT fotd with Melusine – oh Shamini, what are you doing to me? Razz

  2. Thanks for linking to my FOTD and my blog Smile.

    I’m really in love with Melusine, especially with the lighter color.
    It’s really an amazing duo and the quality of Nars is great.

  3. Nydelig FOTD Smile Duoen ser helt fantastisk ut.

  4. Pinch:
    I just thought she deserved a little something for being who she is, and doing all that shopping on our behalf – and I love doing a little something for people around me. Care Spice, was it? Wink

    And I’m really “sorry” for posting the awesome FOTD, I just had to share it with you guys. Wink Maybe I have to place another order for a third Mélusine?

  5. Bluebell:
    Don’t mention it, a gorgeous FOTD like yours deserves all the attention it can get. Thank you for sharing it! I’m hoping I’ll be able to recreate it one day. Grin

    Ja, ikke sant! Den er utrolig fin, muligens favoritten min fra NARS. Smile

  6. Jättesnygg duo Smile
    Hittade något liknande häromdagen, men köpte ett läppstift istället Wink
    Det var 30% off, självklart måste jag passa på Grin

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