Medical update

I woke up yesterday morning feeling so bad that I had a hard time getting out of bed. I measured my heart rate to be about 120 bpm, going a little down and then back up. So exhausting! I decided to try to ignore my dizziness, nausea and everything else that made me feel like a dying old woman, and went to St. Olavs Hospital to have the already mentioned blood work done. The longer I waited, the longer it would take for me to get the results, right? Even though I hate needles and blood tests I didn't die, and I actually think the nurse did a decent job although she had to prick me twice to find a vein. I think she understood that I'm not very far from becoming desperate, so she was even nice enough to put a red sticker on my paperwork to have it analyzed quicker. So now I'm hoping that it'll have reached my doctor tomorrow, with some kind of result that can be easily treated.

I'm not feeling as bad today as yesterday, but I'm all drained of strength. It's exhausting to eat and drink, to go to the toilet, and even to sit here and blog. And every time I think about doing something, no matter what, my heart rate starts bouncing up and down. We called the emergency room again yesterday to ask if there exists some kind of medicine to slow down the heart rate a little, but the woman on the phone practically refused to listen, and answered just about everything but the thing we wanted to know. She said I could come in, and some doctor would take a look at me and maybe check my CRP, but apart from that there was nothing that could be done about it - even though she asked a little later if I was on any medication to lower my heart rate.. Completely useless.

Oh well, I'll be back with updates when I know more.

Posted by Shamini on December 2, 2010 – 5:46 PM

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  1. I was on some medication for lowering my heart rate a while ago, I don’t exactly remember the name, but it was some kind of beta blockers (betablokkere). It was because of my ME that my heart rate got so high, and I would wake up with a pulse of 100-120 bpm. Very strange and feeling so ill. I hope you get some help soon.

  2. Take care, sweetheart! <3 Idiotisk dame.. typisk legevakten, dessverre.Thinking Håper alt ordner seg raskt!

  3. Håper du blir bedre snart! God bedring <3

  4. Jag hoppas du börjar må bättre snart!!

  5. Et lite tips når sykepleierpersonen på legevakttelefonen ikke er helt samarbeidsvillig (et tips jeg fikk fra stemoren min som er hjelpepleier): Spør etter navnet deres og nevn noe om å kontakte fylkeslegen for da får de fart på seg.
    Håper du får svar på hva dette er snart og at det ikke er noe alvorlig. God bedring Smile

  6. Tusen takk for alle de koselige kommentarene dere legger igjen til meg. Jeg vet jeg har sagt dette før, men de betyr uendelig mye for meg, og er med på å holde hodet mitt over vannet når jeg har det som verst.

    Mange, mange klemmer til dere alle sammen. Jeg håper dere fortsetter å henge med her selv om det kanskje blir litt lenger imellom innleggene mens formen er på bånn, men vit iallfall at jeg setter stor pris på dere!

    Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

  7. SerendipityCat:
    I’ve just had another round in the hospital with new tests and every single one of them checked out. I asked about beta blockers, or at least something to calm down my heart a little, but they didn’t want to give me anything before they find the underlying reason to why I’m experiencing this.

    Thank you so much for the tip though, I’ll bring it up again next time I speak with my doctor. All I know is that I cannot function like this over time..

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