So the saga continues, and I am quite possibly one of the most inconsistent human beings out there. You see, Urban Decay recently launched their third Book of Shadows - a tribute to all what's good in New York City - and even though I was ready with my laptop, my PayPal and everything just when it launched, I missed it. Yes, I was planning on getting it despite of my earlier rant about the never ending duplicity problem with most palettes from Urban Decay, but alas.. it was completely sold out in about ten minutes, and the chaos was absolute.

Urban Decay did tweet asking their followers not to buy this palette on eBay, but since it had been launched in the UK before the US I couldn't see any harm in poking around eBay to find it. I mean, sure.. there are a lot of sharks out there trying to earn a few shitload of quick bucks - or the double, if possible - off a limited edition product like this, but when I found it on eBay being sold by a UK seller offering international shipping in addition to a reasonable price (retail actually!), I really didn't see the harm in buying it off eBay. This was in the middle of September.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows NYCWhen I went to the US in 2002 I visited New York City and it made a great impression on me. Still now, eight years later, I exclaim: "I've been there!" every single time I see Times Square on TV. I don't have the first Book of Shadows, but I did manage to get my paws on the second and the Alice in Wonderland one. The third Book of Shadows had to be mine, and I'm happy to announce that this palette has several colors - nine as a matter of fact, I say nine because two of them are Sephora exclusives - which are 100% new. Fantastic! These nine new colors are called: "Bordello", "Kush", "Loaded", "Money", "Radium", "Rockstar", "Suspect", "Haight" and "Psychedelic Sister" whereas the last two have been released in the US only.

Of course, as I've talked about before you're bound to get a few duplicates if you already own some of the previous palettes from Urban Decay. It's the same thing with those travel sized 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, they come with every palette and you'll eventually end up with quite a few. This third Book of Shadows is no exemption as you'll get two eye pencils in "Zero" (black) and "Ransom" (purple) - and a little Primer Potion of the original kind. On the other hand, no matter how you choose to look at it you'll still have seven brand new eyeshadows and a awesome palette which lights up - yes, it actually lights up when you open it - and have detailed little cut-outs from the city of New York.

So, seven brand new eyeshadows from Urban Decay? Yes please! Grin

Photo © Urban Decay

Posted by Shamini on October 1, 2010 – 10:56 AM

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  1. It’s a really nice palette. I like it. I used the turquoise blue shade recently with my favourite colour ever – SMOG. Was a really nice look.

  2. I knew you’d cave! Wink Enjoy all the pretty little colours and the light! Smile

  3. Fieran:
    Hm, I might have to give that a try then. Looks like a very nice combination indeed. Smile

    It’s hard being a makeup addict and a geek at the same time, how can one resist treasures like this one? And with a NYC theme as well? Not possible. I’m feeling a little like Gollum here. Wink

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