M·A·C has finally hit Trondheim!

Today was one of the most awesome days I've had in a long time, even though I almost had to call it off because of my useless body. First of all M·A·C finally opened their counter at Trondheim Torg today, and this is something I've been waiting for for a long time! But that's not all, I also got to meet my amazing fellow blogger and M·A·C enthusiast (also known as addict) Pinchy Peach. Such a sweetheart! I really hope we'll get together again soon, I had a wonderful time!

Esthetique, the store in which the counter is placed, was crowded and a bit warm, but I loved the M·A·C counter - and the woman who helped us was really nice. Pinchy and I looked at some products, swatched a few things, and picked up.. a bit too much. Jesus, and here I had decided not to spend any money. Sure! Who was I trying to kid?

Pinchy even got the honor of seeing me with a daring red lip - last time I wore a red lip I felt and looked like a.. well, hooker - but guess what, I'm now the proud owner of M·A·C Viva Glam I (intense brownish blue-red), a gorgeous matte red. I even dared to leave the store with my head held high, sporting these red lips! So proud of myself.

I'm wearing M·A·C Satin Taupe, Espresso and Femme Fi with a bit of MUFE Smoky Lash, and the lips are M·A·C Brick and Viva Glam I.

Anyway, I was talking about the haulage. I also picked up two Superslick Liquid Eye Liners in Smokey Heir (dark blue violet w/ soft pearl) and Signature Blue (dark navy w/ soft pearl) and the Palace Pedigreed quad from Fabulous Felines - even though I faintly remember something about a tweet saying something about passing on this collection. Oh well.. Apart from these items I also bought the new Pro Longwear Concealer and Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30 which both worked wonders on my face. Love!

Photo © Pinchy Peach

Posted by Shamini on September 16, 2010 – 9:09 PM

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  1. Saa rart, jeg kjopte VIva GLam I her om dagen ogsaa! Men jeg kjopte den med Burgundy (?) lipliner..men jeg provde med Brick ogsa.. haha

  2. Jeg ar der også i går.. 3 ganger XD Men så deg ikkeThinking

    Ingen kjøp pga lav økonomi Razz Tror det blir noe i dag da. Rødt ser nydelig ut på deg Smile

  3. You look awesome hun – such beautiful skin you have. Espresso is calling my name – would be a great crease colour for the days when I wear shimmery shades (Currently I use Folie – I’m addicted to it..but I recently also got Blackberry and that shade is quite cute).

    Very happy that the two of you got to meet up – Pinchy seems like a riot Smile

    Perhaps someday I will get to show you guys around the Oslo MAC stores – I’m becoming a regular there, it’s getting a bit embarassing.

    Take care Smile *HUG*

  4. Jeg så deg på MAC i går! Smile Husker hun med de røde leppene, hihi Smile

  5. Aww, you’re too cute, Shamini! I had a wonderful time meeting you too! Smile Hope we’ll see each other again soon Smile

    Excited to see what you’ll make with the Palace Pedigreed quad Wink

  6. Det ser ju jättebra ut på dig Smile Jag är så glad för din och Pinchys skull Smile Man vet ju aldrig, kanske vi får en MAC Store hit till Vasa också någon gång, men jag tror nog inte det Wink
    Jag är i varje fall glad för er skull, och än en gång måste jag säga att du passar jättebra i rött läppstift Smile Jag har länge suktat efter Viva Glam Cindy så enligt mig gjorde du ett bra val Smile


  7. Lekkert, Shamini! Absolutt ikke horete! Jeg og vil ha! Grin

  8. Ingrid:
    Great minds think alike, isn’t that what they say? I went to M·A·C to look at the burgundy lip liner, but it was sold out. I might have to order it from the US later on.

    Tre ganger ja? Det endte jo med at jeg var innom to ganger selv. Jeg var der etter 17:30, så om du var der tidligere er det ikke så rart. Kanskje vi møtes der en dag? Kontoen var noe slunken her også, men litt ble det da. Og tusen hjertelig takk for kompliment! Grin

    Thank you so much, hon! *clears throat* I smoothed the picture a little bit in Photoshop, to hide some of my redness since the photo was shot before I tested the concealer.. Wink Espresso is one of my favorite crease colors, no doubt about it.

    Pinchy is wonderful, and I really hope we’ll get the chance to meet up all three of us. I’m sure we’ll have a ball! We’ll just have to decide, and take the road trip Pinchy talked about. Grin


  9. Kari, Maja, Jeanette and Maria:
    Thank you a million times, girls! You all make it a lot easier to repeat my little red-lip-riot.

    Haha, litt usikker på om jeg syns det var kult eller skremmende? Wink Neste gang du ser meg bortpå der må du gjerne si hei altså, så lover jeg å gjøre det samme om jeg ser deg.

    I’m just being honest, dear! We’ll have to schedule another “date” soon, maybe with a coffee or something? I haven’t tried out Palace Pedigreed yet, but I’ll let you know when I have. It looked amazing on Amy!

    Tusen, tusen takk, søte du! Jeg trodde ikke vi skulle få M·A·C hit, men jeg gav ikke opp håpet, og da jeg snakket med M·A·C i Oslo en eller annen gang i vår ble jeg henrykt da jeg fikk vite at vi endelig skulle få en. Skal “holde tummen” for deg og Vasa!


  10. Aha, jeg var vel der mellom 10-14 ellerno. Fikk kjøpt meg Trax. Neste gang blir det vel Venomous Villains på plakaten Grin

  11. Hei! Du må bli med meg og shoppe mac en dag og ta en kaffe etterpå Wink klem!!

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