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Bath & Body Works: Vampire BloodSeptember 20th is approaching, at the speed of a snail if I may add, but come 20th I'll once again have some money in my bank account. Money means the inevitable paying of monthly bills, but also shopping and fun! We all know how much I love products that smell good, I mean.. I would drink those shower gels from The Body Shop if possible. Love! Anyway. In the US they have a shop called Bath & Body Works®, a place where you can buy products for body care, home fragrance and other things.

Fall is here, and with fall comes Halloween. Bath & Body Works® is one of those places where you can buy seasonal products, and Halloween is no exeption. When the infamous Swine-flu hit us last year the habit of using anti-bacterial gel all the time kinda stuck, and when I saw this year's PocketBac™ products from Bath & Body Works® I knew I had to get my hands on them!

The problem with your typical hand sanitizer is to me the smell of.. well, I think they smell like old ladies. No offense, but I'm sure you all understand what I mean. A little musty, perfumy and potentially deadly to someone who's prone to skull-splitting headaches. Earlier I've tried ordering a similar product from Yankee Candle®, but I couldn't use it. I absolutely love the scent of apples, but the Macintosh Scented Hand Sanitizer was a bit too overwhelming even to me. So now I'm hoping that the PocketBac™ from Bath & Body Works® is less scented, and therefore less intense.

I don't know about you, but I've always had a thing for vampires - one of my favorite movies of all times is "The Lost Boys" and I need my weekly fix of "True Blood", need I say more? So when I discovered Bath & Body Works® Vampire Blood (plum), I went on a hunt to find it. This collection also include Bat Bite (apple), Candy Corn (caramel), Zombie Squad (marshmallow) and Spider's Web (liquorice) - and even though they are already sold out online I've managed to get my hands on the full limited edition set. Apparently I also got a super cute glow-in-the-dark PocketBac™ holder with my purchase, so I can attach it to my keychain, my purse or backpack, or whatever else I'd like.

Unfortunately Bath & Body Works® is another shop offering domestic shipping only, so you either have to use a personal shopper like the one MyUS offers, ask someone you know in the US to buy them for you - or do some heavy eBay damage. I'll be back with an update when they arrive in my mailbox!

Photo of Bath & Body Works PocketBac™ Vampire Blood courtesy of Google

Posted by Shamini on September 12, 2010 – 10:14 PM

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  1. Jeg ELSKER True Blood jeg og! Har sett alle episodene av alle sesongene 3 ganger, har hele bokserien, Fangtasia Tskjorte og en ekte Tru Blood-flaske Grin

    Teller dagene til neste True Blood sesong.. synd det bare er sånn 182 dager til ca Razz

    Heldigvis er det snart tid for Halloween! Gleder meg som en unge! Elsker alt sånt som har med mørke og skumle ting å gjøre Razz
    La ut et kult Halloweentips i bloggen min her om dagen også Grin

  2. Frost:
    Heisann, og takk for at du stikker innom bloggen min og legger igjen en kommentar! Smile Jeg tror kanskje ikke jeg er like stor fan som du er, jeg har hverken lest bøkene eller kjøpt meg t-skjorte, men da jeg og kjæresten var i Paris i sommer kjøpte vi med oss en sånn 4-pk. med Tru Blood. La meg bare si at det er den dyreste brusen jeg noen gang kommer til å kjøpe! 182 dager til neste sesong? *sukk* Det er lenge det..

    Du får kose deg masse til Halloween! Smile

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