Urban Decay Naked Palette

I sometimes happen to make a statement and then later change my mind, like when I said I wouldn't be buying anymore palettes from Urban Decay until they started coming out with some new colors. In a way I haven't really changed my mind, for both my newest additions from Urban Decay actually contain a few new colors - but is five out of seven really enough to justify the purchase? Anyway, "Naked" is something different than the usual palettes from Urban Decay. It's an amazing palette of 12 neutral eyeshadows in a sleek, velvety case - and one of the more extraordinary facts about "Naked" is that it actually contains mattes!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I love the colors, and I hate the packaging. Who on Earth came up with the idea of covering an eyeshadow palette with velvet? It contains seven permanent shades which most of us are quite familiar with from before, and five completely new shades: "Buck" (matte nutmeg), "Creep" (onyx with gold sparkle), "Darkhorse" (bronze patina), "Hustle" (plum brown satin), "Virgin" (satin chamois). I'll be the first to say how happy I am that they've left out those usual glittery devils this time.

You also get the same 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil as always, but this time it's double ended so you have the brown "Whiskey" on the opposite end. I originally thought that "Whiskey" was the same color as "Bourbon" - I mean, it makes sense - but I can see from their website that "Whiskey" is indeed a new color. And also included is the little travel sized Primer Potion. We're all familiar with that one now. Some people are also claiming that this palette contains full size eyeshadows, but that's not entirely true. Urban Decay's palettes usually range between 0.8g and 0.9g (the "Sustainable Shadow Box" is 0.56g while the "Deluxe Shadow Box" is the same as "Naked" with 1.2g per shade) and "Naked" is absolutely something else with its 1.2g per eyeshadow. A full size eyeshadow from Urban Decay is 1.5g, so as you can see it's pretty close!

"Naked" is a permanent item, and costs $44 plus shipping from Urban Decay.

Photo © Alex Gambardella

Posted by Shamini on August 19, 2010 – 9:24 PM

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  1. Leste om denne igår, gleder meg til Sephora, den skal garantert inn i kolleksjonen!

  2. Ingrid:
    Skal krysse alt jeg har for at Sephora har den på lager når du er “over there”, sånn at du får tak i den. Den er utrolig fin, og jeg elsker at UD omsider har lansert en palett det ikke nærmest spruter glitter av. Kudos!

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