Thank you for visiting, Lucas!

LucasThe past week we've had a little visitor here. His name is Lucas, and he's spent some time here with Theo while his people were on vacation in Turkey. They arrived home today, so Lucas was picked up earlier and we're all going to miss him. My heart is aching for poor little Theo! He's been looking for Lucas ever since he left, running around, whining and howling. When Øyvind took him outside for a little walk he ran to the parking lot where their car had been parked, and started sniffing, standing on his hind legs, trying to spot his dear friend - but no Lucas anywhere. And now Theo is devastated. He's clawing at our front door as we speak, wanting to go outside to look for him. I'm having a hard time, because I hate seeing him so sad without being able to explain to him that Lucas has gone home to his people - and that he'll surely be back some other time.

Lucas came to stay with us when Zita had her puppies, and I was a little anxious to see how this would work out. Theo and Lucas had met once before, when Monica came to visit us with four Chihuahuas, but these two didn't really interact that time. Theo was a bit younger, so he was just happy to see other dogs his own size. I don't think there is any doubt that Lucas has been the boss of the two while he was here, but they have played, wrestled and kept each other company from morning till evening for more than a week now. They must have bonded quite well, because Theo has never acted anything near the way he's acting now after having parted with another Chihuahua - or any other dog for that matter. I hope he'll "forget" Lucas soon, because it breaks my heart to have to listen to him, but I also hope Lucas will be back to visit us again soon!

Thanks to Linn and Monica for trusting us enough to let us take care of him! Heart

Photo © Øyvind H. '10

Posted by Shamini on August 14, 2010 – 2:31 AM

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  1. Snugglecuddlehuggies poor Theo. Smile Lucas is cute too! Very different from Theo with his short fur.

  2. Kari:
    Lucas has such a lovely personality! He craves attention, like all the time, and the thing he loves most is to cuddle. The very first thing he did when we arrived home after picking him up was to jump into my lap, and press himself against my chest while trying to roll over on his back.. Indeed very different from Theo coat-wise, and it’s remarkably strange to pet that kind of fur – it’s almost like petting a broom. Wink

  3. Mange klemmer til Theo,…

  4. I have this feeling that it won’t be long until this family consists of 4 members. *s* 2 on two legs, and 2 on four. ^^

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