Early this morning around 3 AM we finally arrived at home after a 13 hour long drive from Steigen. I never thought I would say these words, but thank God we're home! I felt fine when I went to bed, but woke up this morning without being able to move due to a tremendous headache. Thankfully my painkillers decided to work for me today, so now I'm at least functioning to some extent. It was a long ten days up north. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying here, it was nice seeing my parents again, and Odd, Lina and Marita, but I'm constantly reminded why I decided to leave Steigen in the first place. We did a lot of work while there, sorting through most of my childhood, throwing away lots and lots of.. crap. Some things were kept, other things given to charity - and the rest was just discarded as the garbage it was. I have collected a lot of crap over the years, but now it's all sorted through. I found pictures, stuffed animals, letters and other small trinkets I decided to keep, reminding me of people who's been dear to me but now is gone.

Theo had a ball together with Ozzy, Fenris and Tico, and it was extraordinary to watch them interact. Because my parents live as they do Theo was able to run free down by the Fjord, and of course he spent his time there running around like crazy. My mom called me up yesterday while we were on our way home, and told me that the others had spent the day looking for us and Theo. I think they considered him as a part of their pack, and didn't want him to go back home so soon. Theo on the other hand has spent most of today sleeping. He's experienced a lot this summer, and I'm sure he's completely exhausted from all the impressions.

Anyway, my head isn't really functioning here.. I just wanted to say that we're back.

Oh, my spanking new and shiny iPhone 4 arrived today! I haven't played too much with it yet due to my ridiculous neck and head, but my God.. the magnificent new screen is completely worth the money, believe you me! I'm amazed by the speed it used to reach me. Øyvind ordered it about an hour after it was released here in Norway on July 30th. Telenor said it was unconfirmed for August 15th, I got an e-mail telling me it was shipped on August 2nd - and it arrived today. How's that for not sleeping in a queue to be one of the lucky ones!

Posted by Shamini on August 4, 2010 – 9:21 PM

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