My kingdom for a.. HAUL?

I promised to update with a haul post from Paris, showing what makeup products I ended up buying while we were there, so here goes! I visited Sephora a couple of times, both M·A·C and M·A·C Pro, and even though I didn't get to go by the MUFE Boutique I still managed to accumulate quite a nice selection of items. I'm sorry for slightly poor editing, but we had to work quickly to get the most out of the daylight which wasn't really much considering the downright depressing weather we have.

Everything shown or mentioned below was bought with my own money, unless otherwise stated. I saved up for this trip beforehand, because I knew I was going to shop for makeup amongst other things. Also, eight of the ten lipsticks I added to my collection was financed by Back2MAC, which means I didn't pay for any of them.


The Paris Haul: NARS CosmeticsDuo Eyeshadow: Underworld and Cordura, Sheer Glow Foundation: Barcelona

Most of you Norwegian NARS fans know how difficult (and expensive) it is to get your hands on NARS products, so I was really excited to have the chance to pick whatever I wanted from their product range. I was planning on getting a few of their eye shadow duos, but ended up with only two. I don't know, I didn't find them all too intriguing. Maybe I was just overwhelmed by the size of the store, and the immense amount of people everywhere. I grabbed the chance to be matched to the correct Sheer Glow Foundation, and was a little surprised to get the answer "Barcelona". OK, I did manage to get a tan from the two days of summer we had in Trondheim before leaving for vacation, and I most certainly tanned more while in Paris - so "Barcelona" it was. I also got a smaller sized bronzer in "Laguna", as a free gift for buying two products from NARS.


The Paris Haul: Bare EscentualsbareMinerals MATTE SPF15 Foundation: Golden Tan, bareMinerals ORIGINAL SPF15 Foundation: Medium Beige, Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

I didn't plan to get anything from Bare Escentuals, since I've been very reluctant to using their products ever since I almost scratched my face to a bleed after having used their Mineral Veil. I'm guessing it was the Bismuth Oxichloride, but it seems they have changed their formula since then as I no longer see the ingredient in their Mineral Veil. As I've said before I've been wanting to try their new matte foundation, so I ended up with a small haul from Bare Escentuals after all. As I've also stated before, I bought the original foundation in Medium Beige to use as a concealer. It worked marvelously! I also picked up a All-Over Face Color in "Rose Radiance" which was used as a blush for me. It looked smashing if I'm allowed to say so myself!


The Paris Haul: MAC CosmeticsLip liner: Nightmoth, Chromagraphic Pencil: NW25/NC30, Cream Color Base: Rich Coral and Nude, Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF15: Petting Pink, Eye Shadow Pro Refill: Coral, Sky Blue and Aqua, 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush

When I had M·A·C in mind before we traveled to Paris I had so many plans of all the things I was going to buy while there. Well, that didn't happen. I was not impressed by the employees at Sephora on Champs-Elysées, and I didn't like that you're unable to look for items yourself. I mean, I felt pretty lost when I had to turn over every frigging lipstick to find the five I wanted. I almost skipped M·A·C Pro, but came to my senses and got my hands on a few items I couldn't order from the US. I tried getting hold of the new MSF "Stereo Rose", but I was out of luck. Sold out everywhere as expected.

I have left out all of my new lipsticks on purpose, as I'm planning to take pictures of them tomorrow when we (hopefully) have some proper daylight once again. Now you can read the post about them here!


The Paris Haul: Make Up For EverFull Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream: 08 Beige, Eye Shadow: 026 Fuchsia and 025 Pearly Orange, Star Powder: 951 Iridescent Fuchsia, Smoky Lash: Extra Black Mascara

I think Make Up For Ever was the most interesting part of my haul. Why? Because I ended up with a few items I didn't have on my list, and none of the things I originally planned for. By all means, I'm very pleased with my haul, I just wish I would have been able to get my hands on the colors I really wanted. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors - and I'm sure I could have bought more if I had taken the time to look more thoroughly through everything they had to offer.

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on July 22, 2010 – 10:07 PM

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  1. what a great haul, enjoy Smile

  2. Merci beaucoup, girls! Grin

  3. *yoink* Mine! Heheheee!
    In other words; nice haul!

  4. Oi oi oi, mye fint… tenker jeg sparer meg til Sephora i California i August! jeg har vært veldig flink i det siste… nesten ikke handla noe. bortsett fra ansiktskremer fra Eve Lom da, 500 kr for en krem er sykt, men huden min ser vanvittig bra ut og fortiden, s[ noe må det jo ligge i det.

  5. Linda:
    Thank you! I’m still waiting for more info on your own haul? And preferably some pictures to follow? I’m a little curious, you see. Smile

    Sephora var noe ganske annet enn jeg hadde sett for meg, så jeg tror på en måte jeg ble litt skuffet? Altfor masse folk, bare kaos, selv jeg fikk kvelningsfornemmelser, og det skal lite til for å sette meg ut av spill når det kommer til shopping!

    Jeg vil gjerne høre mer om de kremene dine, jeg sliter litt med ansiktet for tiden. Huden min ble kjempeflott i det franske klimaet, men her sånn? Jeg blir tørr, rød og irritert..

    Håper du har det fint ellers! Smile

  6. Bilder kommer. Jeg har bare vært så laaat med bildetaking og redigering av bilder for det tok rundt 4 timer å få fikset den lange posten min om hvordan ferien var.
    Det kommer! Grin

  7. Linda:
    Gleder meg til å se iallfall. Har endel bilder som skal redigeres selv, sånn fra turen, og så skal alt sammen lastes opp. Tiltak! Smile

  8. ååh så masse fint =D=D
    Håper du skriver ein omtale eller noe lignende på den”Smoky lash” fra MUFE, for den har eg lurt på lenge!! =D

  9. Malin:
    Tusen takk! Ja, jeg skal se hva jeg får til. Jeg har et tonn med maskara liggende som jeg liksom skal teste, men ender likevel opp med min kjære Max Factor False Lash Effect.. jeg trenger flere par øyne! Wink

  10. So pretty so pretty! Smile Enjoy your new goodies! Smile

  11. Aiii, he var det mye digg! Blir nesten (bare nesten!) gira til å gå amok jeg også Grin

  12. Pinch:
    Thank you! Grin

    Gå amok, hva mener du? Dette er jo kontrollert shopping! Wink

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