We came. We saw. We left.

Today was our last day here in Paris and I'm feeling sad about it. I really don't want to go back to Norway, even though I'm seriously looking forward to snuggling with Theo again! I'm sure he's had an awesome time, but I hope he has missed us a bit. I know I've missed him a lot! Anyway, today was the day for seeing La Tour Eiffel up close, so we took the bus to Champs de Mars after having breakfast at Kern House. We both had crêpes, Øyvind had one with chicken breast and unhealthy as I am I chose one called "Normande" - with cooked apples, Calvados, crème fraîche and cinnamon. Yum! Now, I'm not really sure of what I expected from seeing the Eiffel Tower, but I wasn't really awed. Sure, it was the Eiffel Tower, but still. We came, we saw, we took some pictures, we left.

Since I'm obviously having a hard time making up my mind, I once again decided to see if I could get the M·A·C Pro items I had on my list. I know I twittered about skipping both M·A·C Pro and MUFE Boutique, but we didn't have anything on today's agenda but visiting the Eiffel Tower - and we weren't that far from the store either. I hauled a little with good help from a very nice employee who actually told me whether or not she thought it would be nice with my skin tone, and that saved me a little money. I B2M for another three lipsticks, and got Red Pepper, Rebel and Peachstock (a backup) for free. In addition I bought Speak Louder and Morange plus two CCB, three eyeshadow refills, a chromagraphic pencil, a brush and a tinted lip conditioner - I'll do an haul post later on, with pictures of everything.

We spent the rest of the day at different cafés, just watching people. Dinner was enjoyed at the same place as last night, namely because I wanted their onion soup, and now it's time to go to bed so we're rested for the long ride home tomorrow.

I Heart Paris, and we're coming back!

Posted by Shamini on July 18, 2010 – 1:58 AM

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  1. I’m glad you got to MAC pro! It’s a nice place, I must say. So many playthings! And how wonderful that you met an honest and great employee there. I’ve yet to be impressed by anyone selling me makeup Smile

    Hope you have a good ride today! Hope you get to see some pretty things Smile

  2. Pinch:
    Me too! I’m so glad I didn’t skip it after all. One employee insisted on helping me, but didn’t speak a word English – which became extremely difficult when I had questions about the products I wanted! The one who ended up helping me was very sweet indeed – but then again, most people were. Smile

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