On Champs-Elysées!

Time had finally come to visit Champs-Elysées to do some real shopping damage, and my first priority was the enormous Sephora there. It was enormous. Seriously. And I was sick of it almost before I had entered. To me the entire store was filled with people thinking about none but themselves, pushing and shoving to get ahead in line to most counters. My wheelchair is a bit big, and I'm well-behaved enough to try my best not to run over anyone's toes or shopping bags, even though I sometimes really want to act like a little.. uncontrollable - but it's extremely difficult to maneuver when some people insist on standing in herds, in the middle of everything, refusing to move as little as an inch to let me pass. So I ended up getting some of the items I had on my list, a few that I didn't, and escaping the place as quickly as possible (which wasn't really that quick).

My first stand was the one of Bare Escentuals, where I was planning to get their matte foundation I've been wanting to try it for a while. The woman managing the stand was a very nice lady from Greece, and she insisted on doing my makeup while I was there. At first I said no, but then I figured "what the hell" and let her make me up a little. Once again I was amazed by the enormous difference only a little product did for my face, so I bought the matte foundation, a blush, a lighter foundation to use as a concealer, and got a ton of additional samples! She also gave me a Sephora card, and we all know how much I love those plastic cards.. I'm easy to please, you know. Øyvind took a little detour to the Guerlain shop to buy a present while I was getting the makeover. The next stand I ventured on to was Make Up For Ever, where they naturally didn't have any of the items I wanted which caused me to end up with something completely different than I had planned.. namely a Star Powder in 951, a blush/eyeshadow in 26 and a Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream in 08. WTF? Then the time had come for some M·A·C and I left their counter with a single lip liner in the color "Nightmoth". I'm sorry, but I really don't appreciate it when the employees hide when their customers need help. The very last thing I did at Sephora was to get my hands on "Féerie" by Van Cleef & Arpels, and almost died from a perfume overdose in the attempt.

We also went to the Disney Store, I mean.. one has to love Disney? The store was mostly filled with products from "Toy Story 3", and since the elevator was broken I had to stay on the first floor. There was quite a lot of stuffed animals from different Disney movies, and I even found the crab from "The Little Mermaid" - which was one of my favorite Disney movies as a teenager, and the only animated film I actually prefer to watch with Norwegian voice-over. I was hoping for some stuffed characters from "Finding Nemo", but there was no products from that movie so I bought a big purple Heffalump from "Winnie the Pooh", and a keychain instead.

Oh, and at Adidas on Champs-Elysées I walked into a very nice employee who actually knew a bit Norwegian! It's fascinating how small the world really is. Smile

After having had a well earned break to get some food at Café George V, crêpe for me and onion soup for Øyvind, we ventured on up Champs-Elysées towards the Arc de Triomphe de Paris. Now, we didn't cross the road to see it all the way up close, but it was massive nonetheless. We took some pictures, admired the carvings, and decided to cross the street to experience the other side of Champs-Elysées as well. Here we found a Nespresso store, and I fell in love with a €375 purse at Lancel. Don't worry, I didn't buy it - I'm not that crazy! After Champs-Elysées we decided to see if we could find the MUFE Boutique, but when we finally found it it was closed for the day. I wanted to get the items I didn't find at Sephora, but I think I'll skip it and just order it from Sephora online when I get home.

We finished of the day by having dinner at Le Soufflot Café, where I had an Omelette Complète and Øyvind had a Belle Sole Meunière. And then we moved on to an Irish Coffee and a Malibu Pineapple. A very nice and eventful day indeed!

Posted by Shamini on July 16, 2010 – 12:46 AM

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  1. Jeg syntes også den Sephora-butikken var slitsomt. Best husker jeg alle selgerne som skulle overtale meg til å kjøpe parfyme. Er det virkelig nødvendig med en selger for hver eneste parfyme som har kommet det siste året? Sephora så ut til å mene det. Husker jeg fikk massevis av vareprøver, så det veide opp litt Smile
    De siste gangene jeg har vært i Disney-parkene rundt i verden, har det vært massevis av Finding Nemo-kosedyr der. Jeg kjøpte ikke det, for jeg ville heller ha en Heffalump, men Heffalump hadde de ikke noe sted. Vi skulle visst det på forhånd, så kunne vi ha byttet.
    Jeg vil anbefale deg å ta turen til Triumfbuen. Det går an å gå opp på den, og for å komme seg opp må man gå noen lange, smale og klaustrofobiske trapper.. Bortsett fra at de har en heis der, men da jeg var der var den reservert for rullestolbrukere Wink Flott utsikt over Champs-Elysées derfra Smile

  2. Ack, I’m sorry you had a disappointing experience at Sephora. Hope you’re still enjoying your trip! Smile

  3. Kjersti:
    Jeg slapp heldigvis unna de mest innpåslitne selgerne. Det var ei som mente jeg skulle kjøpe en annen parfyme enn den jeg hadde tatt fordi den hun solgte kostet €63 for 100ml, mens den jeg hadde kostet €65 for 50ml. At de overhodet ikke lignet hverandre hverken i utseende eller lukt var visst uvesentlig. Prøver er bra! Fikk også med meg en god del småtteri her og der.

    Heffalumpen var søt da, men det hadde vært kult å ha en Dory eller en Nemo også. Kunne nok dratt med meg ganske mye mer derfra, men en bitteliten del av meg prøver å fortelle meg at jeg egentlig er for gammel for kosedyr. Razz Jeg er ikke helt enig med meg selv. De hadde en megastor Heffalump også, men den ble for vrien å ta med – for ikke å snakke om for dyr. Jeg vurderte parken, men ingen av oss hadde spesielt lyst, så det ble med butikken på Champs-Elysées.

    Vi reiser hjem imorgen, så jeg tror ikke vi rekker noen ny tur til Triumfbuen, men vi har allerede bestemt oss for å reise tilbake så fort sjansen byr seg. Smile

    We’re enjoying every hour of the trip, even if the Sephora experience was a little.. too much even for me. Wink I love Paris, and really don’t wanna go home tomorrow. Hope all is well with you!

  4. Man er da aldri for gammel for kosedyr! Grin

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