“Fluctuat Nec Mergitur”

I'm doing my best to keep my blog updated, but it isn't easy! There's too much going on, both good and.. well, not so good. Last night we discovered that the charger for my electric wheelchair had died, so I wasn't able to recharge my batteries. I have brought my regular wheelchair as well, but it's not really suitable for outdoor cruising, especially not when it's rough cobblestone and not asphalt. We tried to get to Champs-Elysées, but had to give up before we got there to prevent my chair from stopping too far from the hotel. We called both Permobil and Hjelpemiddelsentralen back in Norway to get another charger ASAP, and the extremely nice man at Permobil arranged for a new charger to be sent from Permobil France to our hotel with express over-night shipping - hopefully it'll be here tomorrow morning.

Yesterday we visited the great Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, a place I've wanted to visit for a long time. A majestic cathedral indeed! We attended Vesper and mass by the archbishop, and also lit a light for all the loved ones who are gone. On our way to Notre Dame we passed a lot of those small tourist shops, and I ended up with a few t-shirts and some keychains. I was planning to buy a rosary when in Notre Dame, but when mass was finished they had closed the shops as well. Bummer. Fortunately we were able to go back there today, so I bought one gorgeous rosary made from rosewood and another made from Hematite. Later in the evening we had dinner at Latin-St Germain, and decided on snails as a starter, and duck for dinner accompanied by a bottle of red wine - all while Spain won the World Championship. And believe me, there was quite a lot of celebrating in the streets afterward!

Before we went to Notre Dame for the second time I finally got to visit M·A·C and Sephora for the first time ever, and ended up buying.. nothing. I B2M for five lipsticks, so I actually got Chili, Ladybug, Creme d'Nude, High Tea and Lovelorn for free (they now live happily in our cooler), and picked up one MUFE eye shadow and "Smoky Lash" mascara. HUGE score! ..or not. Maybe I'll be in a hauling mood when I get to Champs-Elysées, but so far I haven't felt like shopping for makeup. Or maybe when I find M·A·C Pro. I promise, I'm not ill, I'm feeling quite fine! Taking the bus here in Paris is a dream compared to doing the same at home, and I'm feeling completely at home here. I wish we didn't have to go back to Norway anytime soon - but I miss Theo like crazy.

Our dinner tonight was consumed at Le Cosi, where we ate a magnefique veal ragout followed by a chestnut souffle. We also had an excellent red wine from Corsica. Once again, pictures will be added later! And please cross your fingers and send a few prayers our way, to help the charger reach us first thing tomorrow morning..

Heart Happy Birthday, pappa! Heart

Posted by Shamini on July 12, 2010 – 10:20 PM

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  1. Oh, you lucky thing, Mass with the archbishop! That’s my favourite part of your trip thus far. And now that you have rosaries, will you learn to pray it? It is a great treasure. Things haven’t been easy for you guys on this trip! I hope you get your battery charger soon, so you’ll be free to go where you want!

    Enjoy your b2ms, you got a nice selection of colours there Smile

  2. Det mest fascinerende jeg opplevde i Paris var den ukjente soldats grav under Triumfbuen, sikkert fordi jeg aldri hadde hørt om den før. Også var det opplevelsen av å stå under Eiffeltårnet å se den ekstreme høyden. Å dra til toppen av den ga jeg opp etter et kjapt blikk mot den milelange køen.

    Jeg har hørt at franske postbud aldri svikter, så det ordner seg nok. Dere får nyte resten av Paristuren, det er en nydelig, stor og særdeles interessant by..

  3. Pinch:
    I’m not catholic or religious in any way, so I doubt I’ll be using my rosaries from praying. Even so I’m very interested in things like how to use them, so I’m sure I’ll do some research anyway. The rosaries were gorgeous, and was one of the things I really wanted to get on our trip, while visiting Notre Dame.

    Den ukjente soldats grav mener jeg at jeg har sett noe om i et av disse reiseprogrammene fra Lonely Planet, men vi dro som sagt aldri helt bort til Triumfbuen. Det blir neste gang! Eiffeltårnet oppfattet jeg igrunn som kjedelig, litt oppskrytt kanskje, og akkurat som deg droppet vi idéen om å komme oss opp i høyden etter å ha sett folkemengden.

    Paris var fantastisk, og det er helt, helt sikkert at vi skal tilbake igjen. Derfor var det heller ikke så leit at vi ikke rakk over alt vi hadde lyst til på denne runden – den skal absolutt tas igjen. Smile

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