Onboard M/S Color Magic

Our vacation has officially begun, even though we haven't reached Paris yet. We won't be in Paris until tomorrow evening actually, so I'm sitting in our cabin onboard M/S Color Magic as we speak, just to give you an update.

So far we've been out on deck, eaten banana/smash ice cream, almost been stampeded by insane charter-looking passengers, and spent a little money too. I was planning to get Juicy Couture edt while in Paris, but I discovered that it was actually cheaper onboard! We also took a trip down to the tax-free shop, looking for a few items for a couple of friends, and ended up buying a lot of those super cute miniature bottles of liqueur just for the fun of it, a bottle of Malibu and some candy for the car ride tomorrow. I'm planning on getting a few more things, but there's no use in bringing it to Paris and back.

I have a few pictures to share with you, but since I'm typing this on my iPhone it'll have to wait until I have my computer at hand. I'll let you know!

The first part of our trip went excellent. The weather was nice, it was little traffic and no major delays anywhere. We even saw a badger! I just hope he didn't decide to run back across the road and commit suicide in the attempt.

Now we're off to have dinner at the fancy a la carte restaurant. Yep, it's fancy! And food is excellent too! We had dinner there last time we were onboard, and really regretting eating at the buffet the first evening. I've already decided on the Saltimbocca, and I can hardly wait..

I'll post another update again soon, I promise!

Posted by Shamini on July 7, 2010 – 7:16 PM

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