NKK Dog Show in Trondheim

Today we went to Leangen Travbane to participate in our very first dog show with Theo! I felt a tad bit ambitious when I entered us for a NKK show as our first - but you have to start somewhere, right? The weather turned out to be perfect, and even though we forgot the most important thing (which, according to Theo, is the chicken), we had a great time! Theo placed 1. kval, 3. konk. I have no idea what these rankings are called in English, but first he was awarded with a red ribbon (1st place quality) which took us to the next round, and there he was awarded a yellow ribbon and 3rd place in Junior which I think is the Norwegian equivalent to the American Novice.

Young dog with very nice outline. Needs time to mature but has good quality. Lovely dark eye. Skull needs to fill. Well placed ears. Very good bone and feet. Top line is good. Excellent coat for the age. Lovely profile gait. A little weak in front.

Judge: Mr. Stephen Seymore

We're both really happy about his critiques, and proud of both him and ourselves, so now we're planning to attend the next show in late August! It was so nice seeing Heidi again, and of course her gorgeous dogs - and meeting Vanja too. Now we'll just have to keep training! I was a little worried that Theo would find the whole ordeal stressful and scary, but it didn't take long before it looked like he'd done it a hundred times before. So confident and relaxed, just taking in all the new impressions. Such a sweetheart!

I've gotten so much nice feedback from people today, praising us and Theo, and I really appreciate it. Thank you all! Who would have thought I'd be bitten by the show bug.. again? Razz

Posted by Shamini on July 4, 2010 – 7:38 PM

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  1. Årr, jeg skulle egentlig dit, fordi ei venninne skulle hjelpe til der, men var for sliten! Hadde jeg vært der skulle jeg ha hilsa på Smile

  2. Devilcat:
    Kanskje vi sees neste gang? Hadde vært koselig å hilse på! Smile

  3. Ja, det hadde vært gøy Smile Får se om venninna mi skal være med på noe hundeshow senere Grin

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