“C’mon.. play with me!”

I had a terrific day yesterday! Monica came to visit us and brought Zita and Lizzi along as usual. There's no doubt Theo enjoys their visits just as much as we do. He spent the whole day playing with Lizzi, poking her, teasing her and following her everywhere. He did everything he could possibly think of to make her play with him. Zita spent most of the time beside Øyvind in the sofa, just watching the two younger maniacs. Lizzi must have a ton of patience for keeping up with Theo and his constant nagging for attention. So cute! He kept nudging her with his nose and paw throughout the whole visit, and he was so disappointed when she decided she needed a little break. When Lizzi was acting as bait (or more like his prize, if you'd ask him) he even managed to jump up on the sofa all by himself, and he's never done that before! This kind of interaction is so valuable for Theo. It's stimulating and social, and it's truly amazing to see all the ways he communicate with the two other dogs - or mostly Lizzi - ways we don't see from the small encounters he has with other dogs on his walks.

Monica is taking him while we're in Paris, and I'm very happy and grateful for knowing that he's in very good hands while we are away. I think he'll have the best time together with her family! We're both going to miss him like crazy, but it helps a lot to know that he's well taken care of. And I'm sure he's going to learn lots of new stuff during these two weeks at "summer camp". Wink

Posted by Shamini on July 2, 2010 – 3:08 AM

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