Depotting Bonanza!

We just had another depotting session, while many of my fellow makeup addicts were enjoying themselves at IMATS'10 in Los Angeles. Envious much? You bet. I have a dream about making it to the London IMATS some day, but that will require a fair amount of planning ahead. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and depot my last M·A·C eye shadows, so I can take the pots with me to Paris to have them B2M'ed. Most of the ones I had left to depot came in my last shipment from the US, but the first eight on the list below have been sitting in my drawer for a minor eternity. Now they're all safely placed in my MUFE palette, ready to be organized into M·A·C palettes whenever I find the time.

MAC eye shadows: depotted

I'm sorry about the poor quality of the picture, I just wanted to add a little something to the post. I'll post better pictures once all the eye shadows have been placed into their respective palettes. Some of the shadows in the palette was depotted a while back, and I didn't bother to turn them over to check their labels. Ask if there's some you'd like to know the name of and I'll get back to you. A few of these colors look quite similar in their pans, but they have different textures and therefore look quite different from each other when used.


  • Goldbit (lustre)
  • Mystical Mist (frost)
  • Off the Page (frost)
  • Rated "R" (starflash)
  • Stroke of Midnight (frost)
  • Thunder (frost)
  • Top Knot (velvet)
  • Wait till Dark (frost)
    Spring Colour Forecast (February 2010)

  • Hot Hot Hot (satin)
  • Straw Harvest (veluxe pearl)
  • Perky (satin)
  • Rosy Outlook (satin)
  • Lala (frost)
  • Very Violet (frost)
    Prêt-à-Papier (April 2010)

  • Memorabilia (matte)
    To the Beach (May 2010)

  • Firecracker (veluxe pearl)
  • Sweet & Punchy (veluxe pearl)

I'm proud to announce that we've still not had any casualties - I bought Mystical Mist from a girl on Specktra some time ago, and unfortunately it arrived broken. Bad Mr. Postman. These were the last M·A·C eye shadows I had to depot, imagine that. My drawer is now empty apart from a few shades I've accidentally ended up with two of, or for some reason decided to get a backup of, just in case of emergency. An emergency in the colorful world of makeup would be experiencing one of your staples being discontinued, falling deeply in love with a limited edition item, or simply dropping your palette on the floor - smashing your most valued treasures.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on June 27, 2010 – 9:33 PM

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  1. I’ve never tried to depot eyeshadows, haha! Scary. But yay, success!!

    I have friends going to IMATS LA toooo. Ahhh..my goal is IMATS London. I’d go to IMATS LA just to see friends! Hehe. Or try to spot some of the awesome pro mua’s I know off. all creeper like.

  2. Julissa:
    I know, I’m always scared senseless that we’ll break one of the limited edition ones that’s not possible to get anymore..

    I know exactly what you mean! Grin I’d love to go to IMATS LA and see some of those MUA’s/YT gurus, it would be so awesome! Maybe we’ll end up going to IMATS London at the same time? If we do, then we’ll have to meet up. Smile

  3. You have such good taste with eye makeup. I’m actually lusting after the Urban Decay Naked palette… but it’s not out till Fall and I’m wondering how to get Urban Decay in Norway.

  4. Fieran:
    Why, thank you! I’m kinda lemming the “Naked” palette myself, and I tried to order it from Urban Decay, but they’ve had problems with their PayPal checkout since before May – and they refuse to acknowledge that it’s their problem, blaming it on PayPal. So I wasn’t able to order it, and now it’s temporarily sold out.

    When I’ve been craving UD I’ve either ordered directly from them, having it shipped to my US address, or I’ve been using LookFantastic. Smile

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