Goodies from NARS, MUFE, Lancôme and M·A·C

I have no idea why, but I'm having serious problems expressing myself nowadays. I feel like all my posts regarding any received mail all start the same way, and it's bothering me. Even my heading feels useless. Oh well, today Mr. Postman came knocking with a package from Amira. She's always a sweetheart, and this time she'd sent me some goodies from NARS, M·A·C, MUFE and Lancôme.

The NARS Monoï Body Glow II was a free gift with purchase, so I'm actually quite excited that Amira told me about this limited time offer - if you are to order it from their website it costs $58, or about 376,- NOK with today's exchange rate! The Aqua Cream from MUFE is a fairly new product, a waterproof cream shadow in many different and bright colors. The four I received were originally Amira's, but when she turned out to be allergic to them she decided to sell them off - and they ended up in my hands instead. I promise to give them a good home!

I've been talking about the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation for quite some time now, and Ingrid helped me look for the most suitable color for my skin tone. She suggested "Punjab" even though I thought it was a little strange since that the color TiffanyD uses, but I decided to trust Ingrid and go for it. I haven't tried it on my skin yet, but when I hold the bottle up to my face it looks pretty much as an exact match. What does this tell me? I'm winter pale, and horrible.

M·A·C To the Beach High-Light Powder: Marine Life"Marine Life", the high-light powder from M·A·C To the Beach, is an altogether different story. It was sold out from M·A·C two days before this collection was even officially launched, and it all happened within three hours from the first sighting. Crazy! Thankfully it launched in France before it hit the US, and Amira was sweet enough to order one for me there instead, together with the two interesting eye shadows in that collection. I'm forever grateful, it's such a treasure! From all the swatches I've seen of this high-light powder, it's much more a blush than anything else. The gold overspray will go away after a couple of sweeps, but since I don't have the heart to ruin mine I'll keep it untouched.

I'm a tiny bit sad that I didn't get "Hipness" blush and "Temperature Rising" lip pencil, but what the hell. It's not the end of the world, although it would have been a couple of months ago. I'm feeling proud here!

Apart from that I got an e-mail telling me that my mirror had been shipped - finally! - and that I should expect it to arrive on Tuesday. Due to this frigging strike that's been going on, it was majorly delayed. Oh, and I've also gone ahead and ordered myself a few bottles of Bath & Body Works Body Splash in Country Apple, Fresh Pineapple and Sunset Mango. I don't know if any of these are something I'll end up liking, so if not.. I might just organize a little contest or giveaway for my readers. I'll tell you more about each of them when I've received them.

Photo © M·A·C Cosmetics

Posted by Shamini on June 12, 2010 – 3:04 PM

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  1. Congrats!!

    No way, you’re seriously considering leaving the Marine Life powder untouched?? lol


  2. Amira: Thank you! How can I use it? I’m going to ruin the pretty little seahorsey.. *sniffles* Wink

  3. Ååå jeg var jo nettopp i Oslo og så på Mac – der hadde de masse igjen av sommer looken!! Hvis jeg hadde visst det skulle jeg kjøpt til deg snuppsi!!

  4. Ragnhild: Tusen takk, snille du! Heart Håper alt er bra med deg og vesla. Når du kommer tilbake så må vi da få til en kopp kaffe eller noe lignende? Smile *klem*

  5. Det må vi!! Er jo naboer og alt!! Wink

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