Hauling from February through May

It's time for another collective haul post, and this time it's all M·A·C. Surprised? I didn't think so. If you don't know that a "collective haul" is it means that it's a collection of several smaller hauls listed together as one. Items mentioned below was purchased through several orders from M·A·C from February to May 2010.

I was a little reluctant to listing this collective haul seeing as many people think of it as bragging, but I enjoy haul posts and videos myself and I know I'm not the only one out there. I've mentioned several of these smaller hauls before in earlier posts, I just haven't gotten around to have them shipped to me in Norway until now which is why I have this large collective haul to tell you about now. As you can see quite a few of these items are from the Spring Colour Forecast collection which was launched in February, but as it was a large collection I ended up dividing the haul into several smaller hauls done over a period of about three months - and I wrote about other parts of it here, here and here.

M·A·C Eye ShadowsStraw Harvest, Hot Hot Hot, Perky, Lala, Rosy Outlook, Very Violet, Memorabilia

And let me just clarify that not all of the items from a specific collection was purchased at the same time. I usually pick up the two or three items I want the most as soon as a collection launches, depending on how much money I have to spare. I know some items sell out almost immediately, so I try to prioritize my lemmings a little. Sometimes I end up going back to get a few other things from the same collection, if the other items I wanted are still in stock.

    Prêt-à-Papier (April 2010)

  • Memorabilia (matte)
  • Coral Crepe Paint Pot
  • Dressmaker Dressmaker Lipstick
  • Made to Order Lipstick
  • Fold and Tuck Tinted Lipglass
  • Instant Chic Powder Blush
  • Garb Powder Blush
    Spring Colour Forecast (February 2010)

  • Hot Hot Hot (satin)
  • Straw Harvest (veluxe pearl)
  • Perky (satin)
  • Rosy Outlook (satin)
  • Lala (frost)
  • Very Violet (frost)
  • Colour 4: Aztec Brick (veluxe pearl), Creole Beauty (frost), Flip (frost), Manila Paper (veluxe pearl)
  • Colour Me Coral Lipstick
  • Kumquat Tinted Lipglass

  • Bamboo (matte)
  • Crystal Avalanche (veluxe pearl)
  • Folie (satin)
  • Plumage (matte)
  • Sunny Spot (matte)
  • Sweet Lust (lustre)
  • Winkle (satin)
  • Prep + Prime Lip
  • Vegas Volt Lipstick
  • Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick
  • Partial to Pink Cremesheen Glass
  • Melba Powder Blush
  • Peaches Powder Blush
  • 116 Blush Brush

M·A·C Eye Shadows Pro Pan RefillsPlumage, Winkle, Sunny Spot, Folie, Sweet Lust, Bamboo, Crystal Avalanche

To tell you a little about the "miscellaneous" section of my shipment, I decided to pick up a few products I've seen recommended on other blogs, YouTube or even by friends. I fell in love with the coral lipstick "Vegas Volt" after seeing it worn by gorgeous Jo from JoMakeMeBlush, and I just had to have it. She's also been speaking warmly about "Melba" blush, which is a matte powder blush similar to "Instant Chic" (which I mentioned above), but more pigmented with a different finish. "Peaches" was recommended to me by Ingrid, which is another sheertone powder blush, and I wanted to try out the 116 brush to see if I'll finally get the hang of applying blush. God knows it's about time, seeing that I've accumulated a blush collection of 15 or so! Then there's the Cremesheen Glass in "Partial to Pink" which I had to get solely because of the incredibly sexy promo picture from the Too Fabulous collection - talk about luscious lips!

I have to admit that I'm expecting some other items as well, even though they're not being delivered by Mr. DHL. Amira has been a doll and bought me a M·A·C to the Beach Marine Life, you know that absolutely gorgeous high-light powder embossed with a golden sea horse? She also picked up the two interesting eye shadows in that collection for me, "Sweet & Punchy" (bright yellow-green) and "Firecracker" (frosted mid-tone red-orange) - in addition to ordering the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation I've been lemming for several months now, and a blush and bronzing duo in "Sin/Casino". I'll tell you more about my package from Amira as soon as it arrives. I'm very grateful to have such sweet friends as her, and I'm glad we can exchange shopping favors like these.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on May 31, 2010 – 12:32 AM

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  1. Pretty things.. such pretty things! I hope you’ll enjoy them lots – but then I’m sure you will Wink

  2. Pinch: Thank you, I’m enjoying it all to the max! Now that I finally have the Colour 4 Quad in my hands I cannot understand why I waited so long to have it shipped here. OMG! It’s AMAZING. I have swatched it here. Smile

  3. Tjooohooo…. hurrra for mac! Mye fint altså. Jeg er forresten ferdig med skolearbeider for nå, det er ikke lenger i mine hender… Lagt ut showreel på facern hvis du vil se noen utsnitt..

  4. Ingrid: Hurra for M·A·C (og Mac, sånn når vi snakker om skole)! Gratulerer med at du endelig er ferdig, håper å se deg online igjen etterhvert. Smile Skal sjekke reelen din, jeg vil svært gjerne se!

  5. wow the color 4 quad was LOVELY!!!

  6. Those swatches are gorgeous! I didn’t think much of it previously, but it’s amazing!

  7. wish i could buy everything and every collection! ohmygod! prettiness <3

  8. Linda: I know! It’s gorgeous! Grin

    Pinch: I’m taking that as a compliment, since these are my very first real swatches (even though I’m guessing you were referring to the shades) – and I agree, the quad is amazing. I don’t regret buying it! Wink

    kuraikyo: Smile M·A·C is seriously hard to resist, and it won’t be any easier now that M·A·C is finally opening up a store here in Trondheim!

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