Another prize from Sleek MakeUP!

Yesterday Mr. Postman came back with two more packages for me, one from Sleek MakeUP and another from one of my trusted eBay sellers containing "Perennial High Style" lipglass from M·A·C Give Me Liberty of London. The package from Sleek MakeUP contained the two kajals in "Odyssey" and "Nocturnal" that I won in one of their FaceBook contests in late April, and I was extremely happy to receive them! I'll say.. the purple one looks amazing! Now, since the palettes arrived the day before and the kajals yesterday, I'm interpreting it to be a sign for me to do a Sleek EOTD soon. I've also decided to redo my sunset EOTD, but I'll try something different first, as I'm planning to try out the purple "Odyssey".

So I tried swatching them (here) to show you how nice they look, but because of the flash they only show up shiny or greasy on the picture - and to me they are neither. I'll try to add better swatches some other time, but at least you can see the colors. The black is black, and the purple one is kinda metallic and gorgeous. Both are very creamy, easy to apply and I can't wait to try them out on my eyes. I don't have sensitive eyes, so unfortunately I can't tell you if they are suitable for those of you who have. I think I'd recommend setting them with an eye shadow, but I'll be back with a review when I've tested them a few times.

Sleek MakeUP FaceBook Contest Prize: Kajals
Sleek MakeUP FaceBook Contest Prize: Kajals

These kajals cost €7.99 a piece - which would be about 64,- NOK with today's exchange rate - and can easily be ordered here. Please remember that shipping will apply, as well as taxes according to the value and quantity of your order.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

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Posted by Shamini on May 29, 2010 – 6:29 PM

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  1. They look so pretty! Are these easy to apply in a fine line, or are they better suited as eyeshadow bases, like the greasepaint sticks from MAC? Smile

  2. Pinch: I would say you could easily apply them in a fine line, they would work fine for both the waterline and as an eye liner, as long as you apply it at an angle (to keep it pointed). You might also be able to sharpen the tip alone if you prefer something closer to a hairline. In my opinion they’re more of an eye liner than a greasepaint stick, but I’m sure you can use them as a base also if you prefer. Did this make any sense at all? Grin

  3. Hey, there are your kajals! I love the cone shape of them very much.

  4. Mylanqolia: I agree, as long as I manage to keep them pointy. And I love the purple one! Or.. I love them both, but black is black.

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