38 days until Paris

Jesus, my diary has once again been overrun by posts about makeup, shopping and my recently overflowing mailbox. My desk is flooded by bits and pieces of makeup I'm dying to tell you about, but I'm trying to control myself a little. The thing is.. there's nothing else exciting going on in my life for the time being. I'm still waiting for some important papers before I can share another secret with you, which I'm by the way dying to tell you all about, but as long as nothing happens I've got nothing much to gossip about.

Last Thursday was a little interesting though, as it started with me waking up at 7 AM. Hello, 7 AM - what's up with that? And even though I stayed in bed for one and a half hour pondering whether or not to get out of bed, I slowly had to realize that there was absolutely no use in laying completely still, hoping to fall back asleep. I'm like that when I have something scheduled. I always wake up several hours before the alarm clock sounds, and there I am.. wide awake. Thursday was a rather big day, as we were told that our car would be ready for us to pick up from Handicare Norge at 2:00 PM, and on our way there I added another taxi to my list of taxis-I'd-rather-kill-myself-than-ride-with. Frigging maniac. We have a few of those in Trondheim. I really don't care if you're in a hurry or what, but when you have taken passengers at least act as a responsible driver! I felt like I had a small part in one of the "Taxi" movies.

Thankfully we got our car back, and was able to drive home ourselves! I have to say, it was amazing to be able to sit up front with Øyvind and actually see the surroundings while driving. It's a completely new world to me, and now I'm looking forward to our road trip to Paris even more! Fantastic. I know I promised Ingrid to refrain from counting down until Paris, but.. now it's only 38 more days until we're heading towards France!

Posted by Shamini on May 29, 2010 – 8:59 PM

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  1. Lol, you cant count as much as you want, my stress is over!

  2. Ingrid: Yippee! Grin And congratulations!

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