“Mr. Postman and the Missing Palettes”

I've been waiting for Mr. Postman for several days now, and a week feels so horrendously long whenever Mr. Postman seems to have forgotten all about me. But today I got a shipment notice without any sign of who it was from, not even a name! So I took it with me down to the post office, and the first thing I saw - even before it was my turn - was a large box all taped up with "Sleek MakeUP" tape. It had to be mine, it just had to be mine? Quite right.. the wonderful prize of ten Sleek MakeUP i-Divine palettes (including the limited edition ones) I won in March had finally arrived.

I had to open it immediately, and the very first thing I found when I opened my package was a sweet letter congratulating me on winning one of their contests on FaceBook. I then found three smaller boxes containing three palettes each, and a single palette wrapped in some bubble wrap and pink tissue paper. Knowing how Mr. Postman sometimes handle my packages, I was kinda worried that everything would be cracked and shattered, but every single palette had survived the trip from UK. I was thrilled! One of the shades in "Graphite" was a little chipped on one side, but it was only minor damage.

A million thanks to Sleek MakeUP for giving their fans several chances to win some of their excellent palettes and a few other products. Now I'm only crossing my fingers and hoping that Mr. Postman will arrive with my second prize, the two Kajals. I'm dying to try them out!

Sleek MakeUP FaceBook Contest Prize

Sleek MakeUP FaceBook Contest Prize

Personal disclaimer to follow:
If my vocabulary seems poor and ridiculous in this post, it's probably because I've been awake for almost 18 hours, and I'm just not cut out for this getting-up-at-7-AM business. I'm a night owl, and I'm proud of it. Blame it on my genes. Peace out!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

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Posted by Shamini on May 28, 2010 – 12:22 AM

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  1. It’s interesting how packages from UK to Norway seem to take quite a bit of time. I have waited up to a full month for a package that should have taken 2 weeks.

  2. Wow, they’re finally here! Enjoy them a whole bunch Smile

  3. Fieran: Well, I don’t think it’s normal freight time. I don’t usually order a lot of stuff from the UK, but the few times I do I tend to have my order within a week. But a month? That’s a LONG time.

    Pinch: Finally! Thank you so much. Smile

  4. Wow, you had to wait a long time! I’d had experienced the same if I hadn’t emailed Sleek. Nevertheless, have fun with the palettes! I also keep my fingers crossed that you receive your kajals.

  5. Mylanqolia: You know, I think they got a lot more to do than they expected when they launched these contests. I don’t think I would have gotten mine at all if I hadn’t e-mailed them (some mix-up with my address), so I understand what you mean. The kajals arrived today, and I love them! Grin


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