Yaby Cosmetics

Yaby Cosmetics is a Canadian brand, founded by makeup artist Liz Yu.

Today I came across a video on YouTube by a girl calling herself sayanythingbr00ke. She was sharing her haul from The Makeup Show NYC 2010, and since I'm a sucker for haul posts and videos I was sucked right into it. In her haul she had a palette and some eye shadows from Yaby Cosmetics, which you can see at about 6:12 into her video. I had just briefly heard about Yaby before, but I didn't know anything at all about their products - so when I saw some of Brooke's swatches I was sold. The eye shadow pans are the same size as the ones in the well-known various 88 palettes most commonly ordered from Coastal Scents or eBay (and to rectify a common mistake: these palettes are not made by Coastal Scents, they only sell them) , so they are quite small in size. On the other hand they cost about $3 each at the most, or 23 NOK with today's exchange rate, which is an affordable price for an extremely pigmented eye shadow that is easy to work with as well.

Yaby Cosmetics: PaletteMy very first impression of these eye shadows was excellent - as excellent as it could be from only reading reviews, watching videos and seeing pictures of swatches. As I already said the pans are pretty small (measuring 15.5mm), but that only gives you a good chance to actually finish an eye shadow instead of just piling up more and more from thousands of different brands.

Yaby both offers single eye shadows and pre-sets, and one of the things that make these unique is that their pre-sets are refillable. Each eye shadow pan is magnetized, making it easy to pop out of the palette for reorganizing or changing. The palette itself is a little bit larger than a regular M·A·C palette, and a lot smaller than the 88 palette. It comes with a large mirror covering the entire lid, and the one I want holds an amazing 40 eye shadows! For the awesomeness doesn't stop with one single palette, Yaby offers six different types of palettes! While the exterior is the same, the inserts differ from holding only eye shadows to including foundation, blush, brow powder, concealers and so on. It's completely up to you!

Let's move back to the actual eye shadows, shall we? The regular eye shadows comes in the following finishes: matte (M), satin (S), frost (F) and high shine (HS). These are highly pigmented, and can be used both wet and dry. They also have another set of eye shadows called Pearl Paints, which is a powder with a consistency similar to cream shadows. The Pearl Paints are extremely pigmented, while the regular eye shadows are listed as "highly pigmented", and they are supposed to be waterproof as well.

My curiosity has been tickled - have yours?

Photo © Yaby Cosmetics

"If I'm in Norway, where do I order from?"

Yaby Cosmetics in Canada: $2.75 CAD (eye shadow), $3.55 CAD (pearl paint)
Camera Ready Cosmetics in USA: $2.99 USD (eye shadow / pearl paint)
Pro Makeup Store in the Netherlands: €2.25 (eye shadow), €2.80 (pearl paint)

Prices does not include shipping (taxes might apply according to quantity and value)

Posted by Shamini on May 24, 2010 – 11:20 PM

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  1. I’ve thought about Yaby too. My favourite youtuber, Pixiwoo, used it not long ago – however, I find the design so horribly bad. Had they changed the colour from white to black it would be much better, but it would still need a lot more work. I guess I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I can’t help it – if I’m buying something, I want it to look nice Smile

  2. Pinch: I’m usually very curious about “new” brands, so I’m not sure why I haven’t tried Yaby before. I’m super excited to try their eye shadows, even though I don’t quite agree with you on the palette – I really liked the concept, and to me it doesn’t matter much if it’s white or black. With that said, I might change my mind once it arrives and I’m able to see it in real life! Smile

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