Becoming a Graphic Designer (take two)

Things never turn out as I planned them, and a week ago I received a letter from Norges Kreative Fagskole telling me that there was too few applicants for interaction design in Trondheim, so it wouldn't be available this fall after all. Talk about taking a blow, I was really looking forward to switching subjects and starting over in August - it felt so right - but now I'm back to square one. It's not a bad square, it's just that I really thought that interaction design would be easier for me, physically. I was a little worried that this meant that I wouldn't be able to start back up at all this year, but thankfully I received another e-mail today telling me I'm free to choose from the other subjects offered, so I guess I'm back on track heading towards becoming a graphic designer as originally planned. At least I don't have to feel bad for not using the fantastic Mac Pro Øyvind bought for my birthday last year for anything really useful, or for spending more than 3000,- NOK on Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, and then another 3500,- NOK on a medium-sized Wacom Intuos4 Pen Tablet. As a tiny little bonus I bought all the needed books and most of the required materials last year, so I won't have any really big expenses this year.

I don't know, everything feels better this year. A lot of things have worked themselves out, and a few burdens have evaporated. I have Theo, who makes my day so much brighter, and we're all crossing everything possible for any potential sicknesses to stay far way from here. My dream is still to get an education, which will bring me one or two steps closer to getting a job, and one day be able to earn a decent living for myself. I just need to stay focused on my goal instead of letting smaller setbacks get to me, bringing me down and making me doubt. I also really want to be one of the many students of NKF, maybe join the yearbook squad, make new friends, establish contacts - just be a part of something bigger, and more meaningful.

I'm not getting any younger goddammit, and I need to do something with my life - now is the time!

Posted by Shamini on May 19, 2010 – 6:18 PM

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