EOTD: Playing with Greens

Urban Decay Primer Potion
M·A·C Femme Fi (highlight)
M·A·C Lucky Green (lid)
M·A·C Humid (outer third and crease)
M·A·C Feline Kohl Eye Pencil (tightlining)
IsaDora Inliner Kajal in 56 Blonde (waterline)
CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara

M·A·C #239 and Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo

I feel it's time for another EOTD, and as I already told you I had an interview yesterday. I didn't want to do it without any makeup on, and I also didn't want to do anything dramatic as a purple look usually is with me. The usual brown look would be too boring, so I decided to go with my greens. I don't know why, but I don't reach for my green palette as often as I should. My brown eyes look nice with the green shades, so I don't really know why I don't experiment more outside of my personal comfort zone. Anyway, this is the look I came up with. Nothing spectacular, but it was easy and nice! I apologize for looking exhausted.

If you're looking for a nice crease brush I highly recommend the Crease Brush Duo from Essence of Beauty. It consists of two brushes, one small and one slightly bigger, and they work excellent for highlighting your inner corner, defining the outer v and crease, and I just discovered that the larger one in the set is absolutely lovely for blending! I like it much better than the #224 from M·A·C or SS224 from Sigma Makeup, and to me that says a lot. You can order it from MakeupGeek for the price of $9.99, which is roughly 63,- NOK for two nice brushes.

Picture was taken indoors in artificial lighting.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on May 10, 2010 – 2:00 AM

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  1. Skikkelig stiligSmile Må vel få laget et Grønt EOTD jeg og snartSmile

  2. Veldig fint! Grønt er vakkert på øynene dine Smile

  3. Maja: Ja, det syns jeg absolutt at du burde. Jeg skjønner egentlig ikke hvorfor jeg er så sløv med EOTD. Jeg har nok øyenskygger, og kreativitet så det holder – vet du hvor man får kjøpt tiltakslyst på boks? Tror det er det som mangler.

    Devilcat: Tusen takk for kompliment! Smile

  4. Haha, den var god! Jeg vet ikke, jeg har ikke så god sminke som deg jeg da, men vil prøve! Kanskje torsdagenWink Da er det jo fridag!

  5. Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous. And your eyes are so pretty! Yes, we’d like to see them more often Smile

  6. Pinch: Comments like yours really, really make my day! Thank you so much. Smile I want to post more EOTDs, but something always comes up, and my plans are postponed. I’ll try! Smile

  7. Gosh I wish I could apply eye makeup like you Smile

  8. Fieran: Aaaw! Such a wonderful compliment, you put a smile on my face today. Grin Thank you!

  9. Hiya! thanks for your always welcome comment on my blog. It’s cool that you’re also a blogger so I can answer here. Congrats on winning 2 Sleek prizes (damn, you’re way lucky!). I hope you do some EOTDs with them. As for the Sleek Safari palette I can say that my golden colours are identical. I swatched them side by side and well, both have the warm orangey undertone and the light golden shimmer. I wish I were colour-blind but the thruth is that I have colour twins. I’ll add a pic of it very soon at my blog so you can see it, too. Besides, I found via google that famous Oxfordjasmine got a Safari palette with double greens. A British girl at a beauty forum told that she bought a Safari palette with 2 identical shades. So, there’s something wrong with it. The producer of the palettes doesn’t check some, which is annoying . Nevertheless, I can’t lament about it. The quality and pigmentation is superb! By the way, I like your EOTD a lot. Greeens rock – especially with brown eyes!!! Wink

  10. Mylanqolia: Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment, I hope to see your name here several times – and thank you so much for following! I truly appreciate it. Smile

    I want to apologize if it sounded like I didn’t believe you, I think it’s really bad that they send out palettes with identical shadows. That shouldn’t happen. As I said, mine has two of the golden color as well, I just thought there had to be some difference between the two that I didn’t pick up – it didn’t struck my mind that they might be identical. Lame!

    I promise to do some more EOTD’s soon, summer’s starting to show it’s lovely face, cheering me on. I’ll do a review on the Sleek Kajals when they arrive, which will hopefully be one of these days. I did win twice, but it’s not much fun when the prize never show up! I wonder if there’s a postman out there with a lot of Sleek palettes on his/her hands?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Have an excellent evening. Smile

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