Apples & Pears Calendula Lip Balm

Apples & Pears Calendula Lip BalmIn the middle of April Mr. Postman delivered a package from LoveLula, and one of the items inside was the Apple & Pears Calendula Lip Balm. Since my lips tend to get dry and sore very easily I'm always on the lookout for a good lip balm, and I'm kinda picky about the scent. The first impression of this cute little jar was very good. It's made of glass as far as I can determine, and it's got a screw on lid with the imprint of a bee. Why a bee, you might ask? Because the products from Apple & Pears are natural bee remedies, made from only the best honey and beeswax.

I said that I would try to write a review of my Apple & Pears Calendula Lip Balm, and I've now been using it almost every day since I received it with good results.

A soothing blend of sweet yellow beeswax, organic calendula infused oil and sea buckthorn oil, to heal and protect dry lips. Essential oils of citrus fruit fight infection and give this balm a zesty flavour.

Ingredients: *Jojoba Oil, *Castor Oil, Yellow Beeswax, *Shea Butter, *Sesame Oil, *Calendula Infused Oil, *Carrot Infused Oil, *Cocoa Butter, Honey, *Sea Buckthorn Oil, *Lecithin, and a healing blend of Citrus Essential Oils.

*certified organic

Ever since I was a little girl I have been taught that bees can do wonders, and that their honey and beeswax can work miracles on a sick body. Bee remedies have a quite distinct scent to them, and personally I'm not very fond of it. I don't like the taste of honey either, but I use it for medicinal purpose from time to time. And it works.

The jar contains 5 ml of lip balm, and cost £9.25 or about 84,- NOK with today's exchange rate, and can be ordered from LoveLula.
It comes in three different varieties: Calendula Lip Balm for sore and dry lips, Wild Rose Tint Lip Balm for daily protection and Beeswax Organic Lip Balm for sensitive lips.

The Verdict:
During my constant search for a lip balm that actually does something for my lips, I came across this cute little glass jar. I'm not a big fan of these jars you have to put your finger into to get the product out, but I decided that it couldn't be left untried. I'm also having a hard time describing its scent, but the best I can do would be something like citrus, Calendula and beeswax - and to me it has absolutely no flavor. It also feels kinda oily on the lips, probably as it melts with your body heat, and gives a nice sheen to your lips. Since I don't really like the feeling it leaves on my lips, I usually put it on straight before bedtime - that way I wake up with a soft pout.

I'm not giving this lip balm a full score. This is mainly because of the underlying scent of beeswax, but also because I absolutely hate sticking my fingers directly into the product. If you don't mind these two things, and can get past the somewhat oily feeling this lip balm leaves on your lips, it's indeed a wonderful product!

For more information, visit Apple & Pears.

Posted by Shamini on May 5, 2010 – 4:59 PM

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