Shall I let you in..

..on a little secret?

If you ignore my post from yesterday, and maybe also the fact that it's been snowing outside all over the country the last couple of days, then life is good! Grin

More secrets to come.

Posted by Shamini on May 4, 2010 – 9:45 PM

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  1. I’m very happy to hear that! Yes. Let’s just look away from the snow. It’s very hard to look glamorous when it’s snowing!

  2. Pinch: Thank you so much! I can’t really explain the feeling I have, it just feels good – everything’s working out. If this is Karma, I must have done something truly spectacular! And I’ll gladly look away from the snow.. *sigh*

  3. Gosh the snow was definitely a surprise Smile I’m glad it’s not snowing anymore here today, in Oslo. Looking like a fine spring day, if only the temperature could increase by a few degrees.

    Ah I’m just being greedy Smile

  4. Fieran: I have experienced something close to a blizzard on May 17th, so I’m not surprised. From experience I never expect spring to have arrived until after the constitution day! How sad isn’t that? On the other hand it seems like it’s going to be 13’C here on Friday, so I’m trying to be positive! Wink

  5. Bra at du er fornøyd! Jeg liker ikke denne kulden jeg heller. Skal vi satse på å treffes en gang snart? Det synes jeg! Håper du har det fint min vennSmile Gla i deg vetu! Ønsker deg alt godt.

  6. Maja: Det er klart vi må treffes snart, vi har kjent hverandre såpass lenge nå at det er på høy tid. Kanskje vi er heldig med været til helga? Smile Takk for at du bryr deg, du vet jeg setter pris på det. Glad i deg også!

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