essie® The Resort Collection

It's been quite some time since I obsessed with nail polish last, but now I've found the perfect polish for summer: essie® The Resort Collection. It was love at first sight, and I knew I had to have them. I don't have much experience with essie®, apart from the one bottle of "Starry Starry Night" that I own, but I'm hoping this will be a nice experience. I'm not a several-layers-girl, and those of you who know me know that every time I find a polish that needs more than two, or preferably one coat, all I want to do is to throw it out the window.

Essie The Resort Collection

Because of this huge ordeal with Trans Design not shipping internationally anymore, I had to resolve to eBay once again. I had been planning to place another order with Trans Design for quite a while, but I kept postponing it without really knowing why - and suddenly it was too late. Thanks to Pinchy Peach I found a seller who offered all the seven items I was out to get, and that made this transaction very smooth indeed. The three other items in my shipment are ChG Something Sweet from the Up & Away collection, OPI A Grape Fit! and then essie® Matte About You Top Coat. I'm not overly enthusiastic about matte nail polish, but with a matte top coat I'm at least able to choose for myself if I want my manicure to be glossy or matte.

I was trying to sell some of my nail polishes, but I kinda failed. When push came to shove I couldn't part with them after all, and I ended up keeping them all - I'm such a color junkie! I think I will be giving it another shot by hosting a little "blog sale" soon, where you can get your hands on some China Glaze, Sally Hansen and maybe a few other brands of nail polish. Some of the bottles have never been opened, others have been swatched lightly once.

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Posted by Shamini on May 2, 2010 – 11:53 PM

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  1. In Oslo I have found Essie in Nikita Frisoers, but not the latest collection. Ahh I want the new colours Smile *itching to buy it online*

  2. oooh. lovely swatches! love pastels. Smile yeah, do a little sale post ;D

  3. Fieran: Essie at the hairdresser? Fantastic! Do you have any experience with this brand? I fell completely in love with these gorgeous “pastels”, sooo soft and beautiful.

    kuraikyo: I’ll try to host another blog sale. It’s kinda difficult when I want to keep them all to myself, but on the other hand.. I only have ten fingers. Razz

  4. I have Mint Candy Apple – I haven’t successfully managed to use it because twice I tried to apply it but something came up and I had to go so I just removed the done fingers and left. Hehehe, I don’t have a lot of patience some days.

    The purple colour..hmm..Lilacism. That is gorgeous. Lasted me a few days without a topcoat.

    I really have a problem with topcoats – they seem to make my nail polish look worse. Like you can see the brush strokes, all of a sudden…not sure why.

    But I digress, Essie is quite nice Smile

  5. Hei!

    Ser at du har en Nespresso-maskin, håper du er fornøyd med denne. Hvis du sender meg din postadresse vil du gratis motta en oppmerksomhet fra Nespresso.

    Vennlig hilsen Kari

  6. Fieran: Oh, I’ve heard many nice things about “Mint Candy Apple”. I know all about lacking patience. I mean, I have a lot of different nail polishes, but if I’m not pleased with it the first time I try it, I’ll never go back to it – it only makes me mad. Razz That’s why I mentioned throwing it out the window if it’s a polish needing more than one (or maybe two) coats. *snarl*

    Kari: Jeg elsker Nespresso-maskina, og kunne absolutt ikke tenke meg å være uten nå som jeg har blitt vant med fancy-kaffe på eget kjøkken! Tusen hjertelig takk! Grin

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