Inked in May

I've been talking about getting another tattoo for a long time now, but I haven't gotten around to it after I had to cancel the appointment I had with Elton at Flaming Heart here in Trondheim. I'm still a little sad about that. Well, Monica tipped me about Pink Ink Tattoo Studio in Oslo, and when I saw from her website that she was coming to Trondheim in May I decided to ask her whether or not she might have time to squeeze me in for a tattoo. I had already seen her sketches, and I began thinking that she might be the one to draw one of the ideas I've been brewing on for several years now. She accepted the challenge, and yesterday I received the first draft of my soon-to-be tattoo. I'm in love! She had captured my idea perfectly, even Øyvind said that it looked exactly as he had pictured it from hearing me describing it. She did magic with her pencil and conjured up the perfect tattoo for me, a tattoo I can't wait to show off with pride.

It's happening on May 7th, pictures will come as soon as it's done.
Thank you a million times, Therèse!

Posted by Shamini on April 29, 2010 – 3:55 PM

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