Good things come..

..to those who wait. Or so they say. It's hard being born impatient.

Yesterday was another one of those eventful days I've had several of lately, and don't misunderstand, I'm not complaining! It started out pretty lousy with an empty mailbox, but got a lot better when I later discovered that Mr. Postman had only been running a little late. I received an important letter I was waiting for, a letter from HMS (Medical Center for Technical Aid) informing me of the decision about an application, and "Paris Encounter" which is a travel guide by Lonely Planet. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better.. it did, as I received an e-mail with some very good news regarding my student loans. The perfect day!

Let's start with the letter from HMS. On March 29th I had a meeting with my OT (occupational therapist) about an application for all the technical aid needed for our "new" car. He finished the application just in time for Easter vacation, and I was told that processing would take at least a month. Since I'm used to having to wait a lot longer than first anticipated, I was just keeping my fingers crossed - no technical aid, no trip to Paris, and that would be a real shame. Yesterday Mr. Postman brought me a rather thick envelope containing a letter informing me that I could just go ahead and make an appointment to have the needed work done! Who would have thought. It took them less than four weeks to process my application, making me very surprised yet happy! So we called the workshop today, and was informed that their schedule was pretty much empty, and that all the needed bits and parts would be ordered today. As soon as the order arrives we'll be notified, and the work will begin. One step closer to Paris! Fantastic.

I won't go into further details on the last two events just yet, but I promise to tell you all about it in the beginning of May if everything goes according to the plan. I feel like I've just finished a very long and troublesome chapter of my life, and now I'm ready to start on a brand new one. It feels good, like I'm finally able to breathe!

Posted by Shamini on April 22, 2010 – 7:24 PM

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  1. It’s a good feeling when the world just cooperates! Smile

    Love you!

  2. Øyvind: God knows it’s about time! I’m so glad things are finally working out, and that we’re going to Paris in July! I love you too, babe. Heart

  3. Good news! Grin Nice to see stuff is working out for you Smile And I do envy you Paris, mind Smile

  4. Ørjan: Thank you so much, I’m extremely thankful for everything good the Universe has decided to send my way these days. Envy is such a bad, bad emotion. Didn’t you just visit Dubai? Smile

  5. Pft. You know me. Not at all that serious most of the time Smile

    Yep, I visited Dubai a few weeks back, and it was great. (Partly due to the fact I didn’t pay for anything).

    And I’m going to London and then Cardiff May 2nd., so I’m not that envious, no. But I’d like to see Paris again, now that I’m all grown up and such. Only been there once, as a kid.

  6. Ørjan: OK, you’re allowed. I kinda “envy” you Dubai a little, but we’re planning on taking a trip to London as well as Paris. We toyed with the thought of going there during, or straight after Paris, but I think we decided to make it a whole other trip, next time. Last time I was in Paris was in 2002, on Charles De Gaulle – where I was pulled into a security examination room, by a huge lady wearing rubber gloves……..

  7. Lol. Now, that’s just teasing Wink

    I hope you don’t suffer the rubber gloves this time around Grin

    I know how much work goes into getting everything together for a trip for you, and I really hope you have a great time in Paris Smile

  8. Ørjan: I absolutely second that, I’ll admit to being a little scared. This time I’m avoiding airports all-in-all, so I think the trip will be perfect! And thank you, that means a lot to me. Smile

  9. Anytime Smile You know I love you and wish you all the best! I read the other post too, about the car. Pretty awesome timeframe on that response, I gotta say. Nice to see some public service thing working as it should!

  10. Have fun in Paris Smile If you’re into clothing, there’s a brand that is quite reasonably priced there, known as Promod. You can get it in Germany and Malaysia (where I come from) too, but not in Norway Frown

  11. Fieran: Thank you so much! I’m not planning on going insane in the designer boutiques when I’m there, but I’ll have a look. Maybe I’ll find something cool, cute or different – I enjoy having pieces a little more special than the ones you get from H&M and Gina Tricot (which are both shops I dislike). Promod is hereby added to my list! Grin

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