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Anastasia Beverly Hills 6-Elements Essential Brow KitDue to a whole heap of different delays, being a missing invoice and an overly enthusiastic volcano on Iceland, Mr. Postman finally brought me my package from Anastasia Beverly Hills today. The happiness of finally having the package here with me quickly diminished when I discovered markings suggesting that the content might be damaged. I opened the package, which was filled with that polystyrene crap, pulled three smaller boxes and a little tube out, and alas.. it looked like someone had sat down on them, squishing them in the process. I opened each of the boxes, and I was quite disappointed to discover that my brow kit - the Anastasia 6-Element Essential Brow Kit, and main reason for ordering in the first place - had been mauled. Mauled.

First there was the brow highlight pencil, which metal cap had been mangled. I wasn't even able to get the cap off to see if whether or not the pencil itself had survived. Then there was the powder compact, containing two shades of powder for filling in the brows, which hinge was broken making it near impossible to open and close. When I opened up the compact I was covered in tiny pieces of glass, as the inside mirror had obviously shattered into a million pieces, damaging the actual powder as well. To top it off completely, one of the pockets inside the pouch had been ripped. Inside the pouch!

I've e-mailed Anastasia Beverly Hills about this, but I don't think it's their problem. I have no way of knowing when or where this damage has occurred, but I don't know what else to do really. Maybe Anastasia Beverly Hills can contact the postal service, or maybe even customs, to get some sort of compensation for the damaged items, although I have my doubts.

6-Element Essential Brow Kit:
• Brow Powder Duo
• Brow Stencils
• Precision Tweezers
• Clear Brow Gel
• Matte Camille Highlighter
• Mini Duo Brush
• Instruction Guide and DVD

Naturally I was once again influenced by someone at YouTube. One of the main reasons why this kit caught my attention to begin with was the included brow stencils. You're supposed to hold one of the stencils - depending on your desired shape - over your natural brow. Then fill it in using the powder, and pluck all the hairs outside of the area you've filled in, leaving the supposedly perfect brow. I have no idea if this will actually work, but we'll see. It's different, and kinda cool. I also ordered mini tweezers (it's always good to have an extra pair in my handbag), and mini kit of sugar-based wax. This kit has gotten quite mixed reviews, but I'm suspecting that the trick is all in the temperature of the wax, and the technique. I decided to give it a try anyway. Anastasia Beverly Hills had also thrown a mini Lash Lifting Mascara in there, and black mascara is always needed.

At 8:11 PM our time I got a nice reply from Anastasia Beverly Hills informing me that they would ship another 6-Element Essentials Brow Kit my way, and by DHL this time. I like Mr. DHL, he's nice and my packages never look like they've been tortured to death before delivery. I must admit it's a tiny bit surrealistic receiving an e-mail containing the sentence "because of the volcano", but I guess it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you have to agree with me when I think it's kind of cool? Because of the volcano the estimated delivery time is now seven days, which is quite OK with me. I'm just extremely grateful for the replacement - a huge gold star is hereby awarded to Anastasia Beverly Hills for very nice products, and fantastic customer service!

Some kind of review will come. In time. Be patient.

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Posted by Shamini on April 20, 2010 – 11:05 PM

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  1. I love these products! i use them all Smile

  2. My eyebrows are so jacked up! One is always higher than the other and I can’t get them right! They won’t stay down either! There all crazy! HELP!

  3. Anne: I’m not sure what I can do to help you, but it might be helpful to have your brows done professionally once, and then just maintain them yourself. That way you’ll have the shape down, and it’s easier to just pluck them as they grow back. I also find it extremely helpful to always have some kind of clear brow gel or clear mascara at hand, just to tame them when they are acting up. Wink

  4. Thanks,

    Already made an appointment!

  5. Anne: Awesome! I hope you’ll be satisfied. Smile

  6. lol, your so funny! I feel your pain! There are a lot of products out there that will work for you! For taming my brows and keeping all those crazy hairs in place, I use Anastasia’s brow gel…I don’t know how it works, but it just does!! I actually just recently bought her whole brow kit…which also has the gel in it, and I am totally stoaked..it’s pretty much genius! It has everything you need! I don’t know where you live if there’s a Sephora nearby, but you can always go to Sephora.com. It’s amazing, trust me!

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